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1. Of or relating to law.
2. Of or relating to rights and obligations.

[From Latin iūs, iūr-, law; see yewes- in Indo-European roots.]

ju′ral·ly adv.
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1. (Law) of or relating to law or to the administration of justice
2. (Law) of or relating to rights and obligations
[C17: from Latin iūs law + -al1]
ˈjurally adv
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(ˈdʒʊər əl)

1. pertaining to law; legal.
2. of or pertaining to rights and obligations.
[1625–35; < Latin jūr-, s. of jūs law + -al1]
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Adj.1.jural - of or relating to law or to legal rights and obligations
legal - established by or founded upon law or official or accepted rules
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(36) For our purposes, the nation here is legally defined as a jural community consisting of a distinctive people, some or most of whom occupy a specific territory, who shares a sense of moral and legal obligation towards one another; as Michael Barkun explains in his book Law Without Sanction, the concept of "jural community" means the "'widest grouping within which there are a moral [or legal] obligation and a means of ultimately to settle disputes peacefully" (Barkun, 1968).
marriage and family holds that the pre-political, jural relations of
Thus the normative role of kinship relations, along with the mitigating effect of local context on the stabilising influence of the social structure and the jural nature of groups within the moiety system, emerges as a fundamental aspect of the precolonial central Murray riverine society that remained intact during the period of first contact.
Hayward seems to recognize this himself a little later when he writes, "Neither [Antonin] Scalia nor Robert Bork [denies or opposes] the ideas of natural law or natural rights ...; they just think that it is a bad idea for the judiciary to protect unenumerated rights or forjudges to employ natural law as a jural tool." More than just a "bad idea," for these jurists, and similarly for Berns, reaching for substantively just outcomes that cannot be plausibly grounded in the text of the Constitution is anti-constitutional, an abuse of judicial power, not despite but because of a devotion to the principles of the Declaration that undergird the Constitution.
We contrast these non-contentious modes of procedure, commonly invoked when one or more parties seek to alter their jural relations, (99) with the more familiar contentious forms that parties use to resolve disputes over an existing relationship.
Nuestro analisis plantea una critica al modelo de parentesco jural, basado en la teoria de linajes, propio del estructural-funcionalismo britanico cuyo paradigma ha ido decayendo en la antropologia de los roma y en las etnografias sobre los gitanos en particular.
The differentiation between "handicap" and "disability" on jural fond
and Gideon Parchomovsky explain, the jural meaning is the
jural situation undergoes a radical change vis-a-vis their
Crain's description of the Lun Dayeh applies to the Kelabit where individuals have jural status within the longhouse as members of its constituent domestic families.
Nineteen pomegranate cultivars (Araktha, Alandi, Ganesh, GUT-C-Shah rose pink, G-137, JAlore seedless, Jodhpur red, Jural anar, Jyothi, Kabuli, Kaladgi local, Kandaar, Kesar, Mridula, Muskot, RCR, Ruby, Sppen dahedar, Yeronad) were selected from glass house of Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture, University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad and detached leaf inoculation technique was used for screening under artificial inoculation (Tuite, 1969).