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 (jo͝o-rĭd′ĭ-kəl) also ju·rid·ic (-ĭk)
Of or relating to the law and its administration.

[From Latin iūridicus : iūs, iūr-, law; see yewes- in Indo-European roots + dīcere, dic-, to say; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

ju·rid′i·cal·ly adv.
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(dʒʊˈrɪdɪkəl) or


(Law) of or relating to law, to the administration of justice, or to the office or function of a judge; legal
[C16: from Latin jūridicus, from iūs law + dicere to say]
juˈridically adv
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(dʒʊˈrɪd ɪ kəl)

also ju•rid′ic,

1. of or pertaining to the administration of justice.
2. of or pertaining to law or jurisprudence; legal.
[1495–1505; < Latin jūridiciālis]
ju•rid′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Belonging to the law, a judge, or the administration of justice.
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Adj.1.juridical - of or relating to the law or jurisprudence; "juridical days"
2.juridical - relating to the administration of justice or the function of a judge; "judicial system"
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[dʒʊəˈrɪdɪkəl] ADJjurídico
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adj (of law)juristisch; (of court)gerichtlich
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"We want to give the Senate new juridical powers, but we have no laws.
"Undoubtedly," it will be said, "religious, moral, philosophical and juridical ideas have been modified in the course of historical development.
As Winfield put it, 'Although thought has preconditions on which its exercise depends, these preconditions cannot play the role of juridical conditions that determine what counts as valid thought'.
More than a few unconstitutional laws and covert practices hammered or sneaked through by the Bush administration possibly make universal jurisdiction an increasingly relevant and dramatic juridical protection against the enlarging authoritarian proclivities in White-House governance.
The Constitution provides that religious associations have "juridical capacity" and are free to manage and administer their property within the limits prescribed by law, the same as other "juridical persons." The Ministry of Government and Justice grants "juridical personality" through a relatively simple and transparent process.
These promoter(s) may be natural persons or juridical persons and need not be residents of Japan, but as indicated above, it is easier if they are.
Thus, Robertson wants not only to make a contribution to this important matter of how legal understanding and juridical behavior are transformed in the twentieth century, but also to a number of other issues, and he is eager to score points in these matters: the nature of legal culture as opposed to law-making; the complex role of class and legal nullification by juries; the growing importance of age as a category of analysis; the changing views of the reliability of children's testimony.
When Brazilian companies run through their general liability insurance and their sudden-and-accidental pollution insurance, their coverage often does not cover accidents involving underground equipment, like fuel or industrial waste tanks, and it usually only includes, as part of its off-site coverage, residential and industrial areas, not the environment in general, says Walter Polido, the technical and juridical director of the Brazilian office of Munich RE, a German insurer.
A Secular, Juridical, versus a Sacred, Theological Reading of the Passion Narratives: What Is the Difference?
Huseynov noted that 149 juridical persons are expected to be registered in the system and the process of integrating information on the agricultural activities of juridical persons into the system will be accomplished within a month.
However, the Omnibus Election Code provides that there are contributions made by juridical entities, like corporations, which are considered prohibited.
designated as ON PDRs because they were sold to Omidyar Network Fund LLC, a foreign juridical entity.