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Versed in jurisprudence.

[Late Latin iūrisprūdentia, jurisprudence; see jurisprudence + -al.]

ju′ris·pru·den′tial·ly adv.
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Adj.1.jurisprudential - relating to the science or philosophy of law or a system of laws
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As many as 171 visitors wishing to obtain a fatwa on various subjects were received, and a special team of 16 muftis comprising males and females answered questions about various religious, as well as jurisprudential and Sharia topics.
There is also the jurisprudential problem of watching a fellow-citizen die while you callously stand by and gloat over it.
In Pakistan the superior courts are, on an almost day to day basis, caught up with jurisprudential issues arising out of the misunderstanding or interpretations of the articles and clauses of the Constitution or the provisions of different laws.
'In fact, the motion itself is conspicuously barren of jurisprudential support and legal basis, although it is teeming with conjectures and unfair accusations directed towards the Court and the prosecution.
It discusses key terms related to the study of Islamic law and waqf and the different fields in which knowledge about waqf is used; waqf in Yemen and previous ethnographic, historical, and jurisprudential literature on it; the historical and political context, with a focus on Zaydi fiqh and codified law; and family waqf and inheritance, the relationship between the administrator and tenant, and private rights.
By re-invigorating both the common law (with a focus on crimes, contracts, torts, and property) and feminist jurisprudence, "The Common Law Inside the Female Body" is a highly original work that anticipates a vital future for a pair of venerable jurisprudential traditions.
Their statement read: "Following the decisions of the Disciplinary Court of Conmebol, Boca Juniors informs that it does not share their reasoning and considers it clearly contrary to the Regulations and jurisprudential precedents, for which the corresponding appeals will be filed before the Chamber of Appeals of the Conmebol and, eventually, before the Arbitration Court of Sport.
The annotations are themselves law-like insofar as we examine who made them, how they were made, and the role they play in the legislative and jurisprudential spheres of Georgia's public life," the opinion states.
The professional certificate programme aims to prepare and qualify Qatari cadres through a scientific and training programme dealing with the concept and essence of arbitration and its nature and types, as well as the development in the jurisprudential legal thought, in order to assume the responsibility of settling commercial, financial and investment disputes through arbitration to contribute to lifting the burden on the judiciary.
Secondly, the case carries importance for there are many jurisprudential misconceptions regarding the blasphemy law that have been deliberately used and misused to muddy the environment in our beloved country.
"It is grievous error for the Court of Appeals to show indifference to the extraordinary and novel context of the instance case and to insist upon the strict application of rules and jurisprudential rulings that rest on entirely different facts," the petition read.