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A word, mood, or form used to express command.

[From Latin iussus, past participle of iubēre, to command.]

jus′sive adj.


(Grammar) grammar another word for imperative3
[C19: from Latin jūssus ordered, from jubēre to command]


(ˈdʒʌs ɪv)
1. (esp. in Semitic languages) of or pertaining to a grammatical form expressing a mild command.
2. a jussive form, mood, case, or word.
[1840–50; < Latin juss(us), past participle of jubēre to command + -ive]
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And if these two aspects disable the sequential principle of the arkhe in the New World, the colonial status of America, in turn, negates the possibility (and, one could argue, even the desire) of housing the jussive or nomological principle, whose ultimate seat is the throne of the King of Spain.
Enter the naive spirit-consumer in search not of ideas but immediate experience ("drunk"), toasting to jussive verbs (ought to be) and insisting on dialogue with his fellow revelers ("you see?
45) The incidence of hortatory or jussive subjunctives in Anne's poem indicates that, in spite of the Vergilian context, it may be similar to Catullus 5, where the poet exhorts his mistress to live and love with him and not to value the gossip of disapprovers highly: vivamus .
The moods include the indicative (Ind), conditional (Cnd), imperative (Imp), quotative (Quo), and jussive (Jus).
Her lengthy resort to the jussive and the optative voices in her series of curses is ultimately fruitless, as ineffectual as Venus's rhetorical devices to seduce Adonis.
There are several of these dotted throughout the film--the juxtaposition of Leisure and Permutit, which, with an orthographic wrench, generates a macaronic command--"permutet" being the jussive subjunctive of the "permutare," "to change.
In its penultimate stanza, the poem recursively picks up where it starts, answering its original question through the jussive case ("let this be said.
In short, these jussive and passive imperatives throughout the Genesis 1 account invite participation of the earth and its creatures, and they actively respond to that invitation.
The appointment of chief jussive will be made by rotation from the provinces.
f) Particle of negation: The choice for negating the past between the particles lam, which negates the imperfect in the jussive, or ma, which negates the perfect, is a question of style.
In particolare, Enea in nessun punto fornisce credenziali per legittimare la "austerely jussive persona" che compare nel testo: la vera giustificazione al suo argomentare restano gli "empirical precedents" (22).
This hypothesis makes testable predictions about types of relationship between semantics and syntax which should not be found: for instance, if in a particular language the tightest linkage that can realize a causative relation is core co-subordination, it should not be possible for a semantic type further down the hierarchy (say, a jussive relation) to be expressed by means of some kind of nuclear juncture.