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cribrarius at the JUV stage showed internal folds, a luminal secretion close to the dorsal epithelium, and absence of spermatozoa or spermatophores (Fig.
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40 FRED WINTER JUV (h'cap hdle) 2m1/2f 7 Saphir Du Rheu, 8 Ptit Zig, 12 Blood Cotil, 10 Bordoni, Fatcatinthehat, 12 Stocktons Wing, 14 bar.
THE BOSS Lyon's Alain Perrin; THE BOSS Grimsby's Alan Buckley; JUV GOT IT Trezeguet and (above) Ranieri
JUV Ma tea comp throa The netted a night as the last-Now h Italian international at Parkhead on Tuesday Juve all but wrapped up 16 tie with a 3-0 victory.
ON THE ATTACK: Penalty hero Henrik Larsson on the move; AT ARMS LENGTH: Chris Sutton and Montero in a tangle; HIGH BALL: Lambert and Davids collide; VILLAIN AND HERO: Juventus midfielder Edgar Davids fights for the ball with Celtic striker Henrik Larsson; SCORER: Stilian Petrov; JUV SCORED THEN: David Trezequet celebrates with his team mates in Turin