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 (jo͞o′və-nəl) Originally Decimus Junius Juvenalis. ad 60?-140?
Roman satirist whose works denounced the corruption and extravagance of the privileged classes in Rome.


(Zoology) ornithol a variant spelling (esp US) of juvenile4


(Biography) Latin name Decimus Junius Juvenalis. ?60–?140 ad, Roman satirist. In his 16 verse satires, he denounced the vices of imperial Rome


(ˈdʒu və nl)

(Decimus Junius Juvenalis) A.D. c60–140, Roman satirical poet.
Ju•ve•na•li•an (ˌdʒu vəˈneɪ li ən) adj.
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Noun1.Juvenal - Roman satirist who denounced the vice and folly of Roman society during the reign of the emperor Domitian (60-140)Juvenal - Roman satirist who denounced the vice and folly of Roman society during the reign of the emperor Domitian (60-140)
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He spends the whole day in settling whether Homer expressed himself correctly or not in such and such a line of the Iliad, whether Martial was indecent or not in such and such an epigram, whether such and such lines of Virgil are to be understood in this way or in that; in short, all his talk is of the works of these poets, and those of Horace, Perseus, Juvenal, and Tibullus; for of the moderns in our own language he makes no great account; but with all his seeming indifference to Spanish poetry, just now his thoughts are absorbed in making a gloss on four lines that have been sent him from Salamanca, which I suspect are for some poetical tournament.
Juvenal similarly speaks of `cruda senectus' (caused by gluttony).
Sir Robert Walpole, ruling the country with unscrupulous absolutism, had now put an end to the employment of literary men in public life, and though Johnson's poem 'London,' a satire on the city written in imitation of the Roman poet Juvenal and published in 1738, attracted much attention, he could do no better for a time than to become one of that undistinguished herd of hand-to-mouth and nearly starving Grub Street writers whom Pope was so contemptuously abusing and who chiefly depended on the despotic patronage of magazine publishers.
Aside from his representational works of mystic landscapes and fantastic flora, the abstract works of Juvenal Sanso are another aspect of the illustrious modern master's career.
Aneta Dimovska in Nezavisen vesnik recalls that at the end of the first century of the new era, the Roman poet Juvenal, wrote about the practice of providing free wheat for citizens, as well as expensive circus games and other forms of entertainment as a means of gaining political power.
Juvenal Azurin, PDEA director for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao,on Saturdaysaid the raid that resulted in the arrest of Sangikay was assisted by personnel of the Datu Odin Sinsuat municipal police and the Maguindanao Provincial Public Safety Battalion led by Inspector Danny Baraguir.
Compas, P01 Vincent Paul Tay-od and P02 Juvenal Aguinaldo were declared Killed-in Action in the police heros roll by Police Chief Director Ronald dela Rosa in an operation to serve arrest warrant to Willy Sagasag, one of the countrys top-wanted persons.
More than 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered during a three-month riot that followed the assassination of president, Juvenal Habyarimana.
Sin dejar de lado la produccion en Mexico con este personaje como en el caso de Olfato y Subterraneos de Andres Acosta donde de nueva cuenta retoma la mitologia rumana y Juvenal Acosta con "tenebroso, el ultimo inmortal.
The other nominees were Andreas Chrysostomou of the Republic of Cyprus, Vitaly Klyuev of the Russian Federation, Ki-tack Lim of the Republic of Korea, Andreas Nordseth of Denmark, and Juvenal Shiundu of the Republic of Kenya
Lawyer Juvenal Bizimana admitted sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Ennio, Lucilio, Horacio, Persio, Juvenal y Seneca son sus principales representantes.