juvenile absence epilepsy

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ju·ve·nile ab·sence epilepsy

n. epilepsia juvenil de ausencia, síndrome de epilepsia generalizado que se presenta durante la adolescencia caracterizada por episodios de convulsiones con pérdida del conocimiento y convulsiones clónicas.
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Panayiotopoulos noted that although the generalized and focal seizures/syndromes share pathophysiologic and/or genetic aspects, their differences exceeded their similarities and that the therapeutic errors could be minimized through tackling the said differences (as in the use of carbamazepine for JME or juvenile absence epilepsy) (24).
The majority of participants had juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME), although the study also included patients with juvenile absence epilepsy or tonic-clonic seizures upon awakening.
The most common epilepsy syndrome in patient group was temporal lobe epilepsy (46 patients, 43%) followed by extra-temporal lobe epilepsy (33 patients, 30.8%), juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (9 patients), juvenile absence epilepsy (5 patients) and epilepsy with grand mal seizure on awakening (7 patients) (21).