juvenile officer

ju′venile of`ficer

a police officer concerned with juvenile delinquents.
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He also serves as an evidence technician, juvenile officer and crisis intervention officer.
Al was a Police Officer for the City Of Marlborough working as a juvenile officer and later as Detective Sergeant for 31 years retiring in 1987.
As will be described below, these problems manifest themselves in three different ways in Missouri juvenile prosecutions: through the roles of the judge, the juvenile officer, and the attorney for the juvenile officer.
I was chief deputy sheriff of Bingham County, a juvenile officer for the Shoshone-Bannock tribes at Fort Hall and a juvenile officer for the Blackfoot Police Department.
A $3,000 grant from the National Center for Victims of Crime helped fund the film, said adviser Sevina Falquist, a juvenile officer based at the school.
We have a juvenile officer who will be calling on them over the next 12 months.
A juvenile filed a suit against a juvenile officer under [section] 1983, alleging that the officer and others violated her constitutional rights during a warrantless strip search of her and four other juveniles at a juvenile facility.
County juvenile officer and amateur "cult cop" Jerry Driver conducted a sort of freelance investigation that, in Driver's words, immediately started "to zero in on Damien.
In fact, according to a report in the Post, the parents of 75 children returned their children to the school despite a juvenile officer 's warning.
The juvenile officer concluded that public safety could be assured if the boy was detained in an institution for juvenile delinquents.
The principal of one Missouri school describes how the county hired "a deputy juvenile officer [who is] assigned exclusively to the seven county schools" (p.
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