juvenile officer

ju′venile of`ficer

a police officer concerned with juvenile delinquents.
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Detective Goschey spoke as a former Officer White Scholarship recipient who is currently working in public service as a detective and juvenile officer for the Batavia Police Department.
Ransom is a member of the Missouri State Foster Care and Adoption Board and the Juvenile Officer Performance Standards Work Group.
Al was a Police Officer for the City Of Marlborough working as a juvenile officer and later as Detective Sergeant for 31 years retiring in 1987.
schools an extension of the juvenile officer and vice versa.
I was chief deputy sheriff of Bingham County, a juvenile officer for the Shoshone-Bannock tribes at Fort Hall and a juvenile officer for the Blackfoot Police Department.
A $3,000 grant from the National Center for Victims of Crime helped fund the film, said adviser Sevina Falquist, a juvenile officer based at the school.
"We have a juvenile officer who will be calling on them over the next 12 months."
A juvenile filed a suit against a juvenile officer under [section] 1983, alleging that the officer and others violated her constitutional rights during a warrantless strip search of her and four other juveniles at a juvenile facility.
County juvenile officer and amateur "cult cop" Jerry Driver conducted a sort of freelance investigation that, in Driver's words, immediately started "to zero in on Damien." Driver lobbied, almost single-handedly, for the occult theory of the crime, and his behind-the-scenes efforts paid off.
In fact, according to a report in the Post, the parents of 75 children returned their children to the school despite a juvenile officer 's warning.
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