juxtaglomerular apparatus

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jux·ta·glo·mer·u·lar ap·pa·ra·tus

n. aparato yuxtaglomerular, grupo de células localizadas alrededor de arteriolas aferentes del riñón, que intervienen en la producción de renina y en el metabolismo del sodio.
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The innervation of the juxtaglomerular apparatus and surrounding tubules: a quantitative analysis by serial section electron microscopy.
The juxtaglomerular apparatus participates in maintaining system blood pressure via communication between the
He also will disclose new data on the cell lines: SK17 that have the potential to differentiate into cells that express renin and smooth muscle cell-related genes characteristic of the juxtaglomerular apparatus of the kidney, Z2 that when differentiated using a proprietary protocol expresses relatively high levels of the bone growth factor genes BMP2 and BMP7 (also known as osteogenic protein-1 (OP-1), and J16 that expresses preadipocyte markers of interest to researchers in cosmetic dermatology and type II diabetes.