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(General Physics) another name for kaon
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Noun1.k-meson - an unstable meson produced as the result of a high-energy particle collision
meson, mesotron - an elementary particle responsible for the forces in the atomic nucleus; a hadron with a baryon number of 0
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According to this technique, we can find many articles such as [5-9] which do not assume that the mass of the K-meson is heavy in front of the pi-meson one.
It is the first discovery of the CP violation in meson decays other than in neutral K-meson decays (3) and it proved that the CP violation in meson decays can be explained by the theory formulated by Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa in 1973.
The reaction pmd catalized by muon was firstly discovered by Alvarez et al [5] in the investigation of interaction of K-meson in liquid hydrogen chamber at Berkley.