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or ka·bloo·ie  (kə-blo͞o′ē)Slang
Used to indicate an explosion.
go kablooey
To explode.

[ka-, intensive pref. (probably from Scots ker-) + blooey, sound of an explosion (of imitative origin).]
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You have to wonder why one would bother to initiate a murder investigation immediately after half the world has gone kablooey in a nuclear holocaust.
But the incremental death march of the real thing was considered a little too slow for Independence Day's king of kablooey. So impatient was he to bring forth a biblical flood and subsequent ice age that was epic enough to swallow the Statue of Liberty, Emmerich conspired to make his cataclysm happen in days, not decades, courtesy of a cosmically unlucky (and scientifically unlikely) flash freeze.
Press one wrong button and kablooey: the dreaded Blue Screen, a snow squall, HDMI-3 or a program being broadcast in a strange-sounding foreign language!
Giant stars are slightly off-kilter as they go kablooey, research in the Feb.
Flint's invention, which turned water into food, went kablooey. Now, as the cleanup goes on, Flint hears from his longtime idol, TV scientist Chester V (Will Forte), that the leftovers on the island have come alive!
Even more of a disaster, our internet coverage has gone kablooey for long stretches, leaving the populace with little choice but to make conversation and read books.
He is comfortable at high speeds and with swamp temperatures, which he refers to as "Eleventy thousand degrees outside/with a heat index of kablooey."