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or ka·bloo·ie  (kə-blo͞o′ē)Slang
Used to indicate an explosion.
go kablooey
To explode.

[ka-, intensive pref. (probably from Scots ker-) + blooey, sound of an explosion (of imitative origin).]
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Other features of Kablooey Mail include 'retractability,' which allows a sender to take back a message before it is read, and afterward provides certification that it was received.
Because there's so much angst in Hollywood these days over privacy invasion and film pirating, we believe a free, innovative new e-mail service such as Kablooey will help protect filmmakers' privacy," said Randi Emerman, the Festival's executive director.
It's the place where Green and his college buddies from the North Carolina School of the Arts would go every time a relationship went kablooey.
Kablooey is a new privacy tool e-mail service created by CDS Technologies, LLC.
Seems the iconic Kansas town of Smallville took a beating in 1989 in the form of a meteor shower from a planet that went kablooey (which nonetheless had a curious pinpoint accuracy - contrast this to, say, the infinitely tinier Skylab, which originated from Earth's orbit and scattered throughout Australia).
Giant stars are slightly off-kilter as they go kablooey, research in the Feb.
Since just about everything is destructible, it's fun to just run around making things go kablooey.