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Variant of kebab.


(Cookery) another name for kebab


or ka•bob


small pieces of meat or seafood seasoned or marinated and broiled, often with peppers, onions, or other vegetables, on a skewer.
[1665–75; < Arabic, Hindi]
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Noun1.kabob - cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetableskabob - cubes of meat marinated and cooked on a skewer usually with vegetables
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
souvlaki, souvlakia - made of lamb
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Using 2 skewers per kabob, begin threading with meat, and alternating mushrooms and shallots, weaving the piece of bacon in-between.
com, Kabob International was selected for the following honor: "Best Memphis Restaurants"
Artin Afsharjavan said, "My goal is to fund the expansion of the Moby Dick House of Kabob chain across the eastern United States to major metropolitan areas.
May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Shish kabob do-it-yourselfers who yearn for skewered beef and seafood on the grill can count on a new chef's helper to cook ingredients evenly and keep food from falling into the fire or searing onto the grates.
In addition to favorites like fried fish and roast beef, Luby's has introduced a Grilled Fajita KaBob, a Blackened Chicken Breast, and a Spicy Chicken Sandwich.
Recommended items: Deluxe family feast, avgolemono soup, moussaka with bechamel sauce, saganaki, grilled eggplant, spinach pie, lamb kabob, charbroiled lamb loin, braised lamb with Greek pasta, taramasalata (``Greek caviar'') dip with pita bread, baklava made with four different nuts, jalaktopouriko custard.
Ventura Kabob had a big sign and a small space when ensconced in Encino for five years.
Each of the two generous takeout portions comes with two kabob strips, basmatic rice, a broiled tomato half and bread.
Somehow, when you go to turn the kabob the chunks always fall off.
Because of its versatility, the pork tenderloin kabob is the backyard version of "one-pot" cooking.
An assortment of skewered meats is accompanied by a mound of rice pilaf on the kabob plate at Cedar House Cafe.
Now Alvaro, a former Huntington Park restaurant owner, brings along a friend to do the short-order cooking honors - turning out burgers, french fries, kabobs.