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n. Informal
1. The lot, group, or bunch: donated the whole caboodle.
2. A crowd or collection of people.

[Alteration of boodle.]


informal a lot, bunch, or group (esp in the phrases the whole caboodle, the whole kit and caboodle)
[C19: probably contraction of kit1 and boodle]


(kəˈbud l)

Informal. the lot, pack, or crowd: Get rid of the whole caboodle.
[1840–50, Amer.]


 U. S. Slang, the whole amount; the lot, usually in (the whole) kit and caboodle.
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Noun1.caboodle - any collection in its entirety; "she bought the whole caboodle"
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole


[kəˈbuːdl] N the whole (kit and) caboodletodo el rollo, toda la pesca


n (inf) the whole (kit and) caboodledas ganze Zeug(s) (inf), → der ganze Kram (inf)


[kəˈbuːdl] n (fam) the whole caboodlebaracca e burattini
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The Navy is holding a Nightmare on Stanley Street with a dead sailor theme, Kit & Kaboodle is having a fancy dress ball as is Boutique.
Directed by Kaboodle's applauded Lee Beagley, who says it contains a savage and cheeky humour and is so smitten that he likens it to Shakespeare, it is the core element of the theatre's season, whose other mainspring is the family-focused Christmas Show Beauty and the Beast.
? ON October 27 Kit & Kaboodle is holding a Freaky Fancy Dress party from 9pm.
KIT AND KABOODLE: Join the flamboyant Chris Griff with music from Mark Armstrong.
Well Harry Smith, seen doing a lot of good work in the year, certainly worked hard in the Kaboodle's flawed and unusual update of Shakespeare in Malvolio, a role in which she played the unfortunate Malvolio's tormentor.
0151 255 1559 KIT AND KABOODLE: Join the flamboyant Chris Griff with music from Mark Armstrong.
Broken down the whole kit and kaboodle stows easily in a vehicle, and at the range it sets up in seconds.
It's not every day that 'Wonder Woman' actor Chris Pine agrees to show his 'kit and kaboodle' for a film, but when he does, people ask him all sorts of questions about it-which he finds odd.
ECHO Arena, Kings Dock, Liverpool, 0844 800 3680 - Sun, 7 Oct MUSIC Kaboodle Community Choir Join the Kaboodle Choir for a choral performance.
Also lined up at PCC: "Kaboodle 3-Cock Derby" (May 25), "Sentenciador 4-Cock Derby" (June 1), "Ace and Marie 3-Cock Derby" (June 8) and "NML San Luis 4-Cock Derby" (June 15).
Meanwhile, the PCC will next host the Kaboodle three-cock derby on May 25, followed by the Sentenciador four-cock derby on June 1, the Ace and Marie three-cock derby on June 8 and the NML San Luis four-cock derby on June 15.