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A type of popular Japanese drama, evolved from the older Noh theater, in which elaborately costumed performers, nowadays men only, use stylized movements, dances, and songs in order to enact tragedies and comedies.

[Japanese, art of singing and dancing : ka, singing (from Middle Chinese ka; also the source of Mandarin) + bu, dancing; see buto + ki, art, artist (from Middle Chinese kɦi`; also the source of Mandarin).]


(Theatre) a form of Japanese drama based on popular legends and characterized by elaborate costumes, stylized acting, and the use of male actors for all roles. See also No1
[Japanese, from ka singing + bu dancing + ki art]


(kəˈbu ki, ˈkɑ buˌki)

a popular drama of Japan characterized by elaborate costuming, stylized acting, and the performance of all roles by male actors. Compare Nō.
[1895–1900; < Japanese]


1. A Japanese word meaning singing dancing art, used to mean a type of traditional Japanese drama.
2. Highly stylized traditional Japanese theater with music and dance.
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While the Japanese elite watched the more highbrow musical drama called Noh, Kabuki had its roots in popular entertainment, expressing the dilemmas and aspirations of ordinary folk.
Tamasaburo is one of Japan's most famous Kabuki actors, known for performing onnagata (female roles) in the all-male Kabuki tradition.
The film is an adaptation of famous Kabuki play 'Kanjincho (The Subscription List)'.
grant to study in Japan, with a master of traditional Kabuki dance--who accepted her as a student because she was "American.
Diva, alien, cartoon, Kabuki robot--all descriptors for a man whose trained countertenor was so Callas-like that naive viewers often thought he was lip-synching.
Fairy tales, sagas, and folk songs are now the starting point for her perfor mances, and she incorporates traditions from many cultures, drawing particular inspiration from the sounds and masks of Kabuki theater.
Russian President Vladimir Putin will scrap his plan to watch sumo and kabuki during his Japan visit Sept.
RED PRAIRIE finished third behind the dead-heaters Kabuki and Solitary Dancer in the first juvenile Pattern race of the Italian season, the Group 3 Premio Primi Passi at San Siro, Milan, yesterday, writes Molvedo.
Tamasaburo, 61, a citizen of Japan, will receive the award for creating his own unique world in traditional Kabuki theater and for contributing to many other genres of performing arts.
Panasonic presents Kabuki Spectacle at the Fountains of Bellagio: Renowned Japanese actor Ichikawa Somegoro will perform a never-before-seen, high-tech rendition of Kabuki masterpiece Koi-Tsukami produced by Shochiku on Fountains of Bellagio in five performances August 14-16
Teruyuki Kagawa, a 45-year-old established Japanese actor, made headlines in late September when he announced he would make his debut as a Kabuki actor next year, as performers of the traditional Japanese dramatic form usually make their first stage appearance when they are toddlers.
A Kabuki performance by the Heisei Nakamuraza troupe opened on Monday evening at Lincoln Center in New York, starring Japan's leading Kabuki actor Nakamura Kanzaburo XVIII.