(kŏf′ē-klăch′, -kläch′, kô′fē-)
Variant of coffee klatch.


an informal gathering over coffee cups to chat or gossip


or kaf•fee klatsch

(ˈkɑ fiˌklɑtʃ, -ˌklætʃ, ˈkɔ-)

also coffee klatsch

a social gathering for informal conversation at which coffee is served.
[1885–90; < German; see coffee, klatsch]
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123) Here, the German way of life prevailed; the farmers held Kaffeeklatsch gatherings, organized choral groups, founded a Nahariya art society, and attended performances of the German-language revue Nahariyade, by Fritz Wolf, as well as other plays and musicals--all, of course, in German.
This charmingly renovated 1926 B & B and restaurant in downtown Bradenton used to be the London Inn, and they still offer traditional tea along with a new German kaffeeklatsch and dinner--and a brand-new beer garden, too.
An author, educator, and consummate presenter, Kathy keeps us fixed on the possibilities of technology in education through her Guide for Educators website, her Kaffeeklatsch blog, and a host of other educational resources for teachers.
Afternoon coffee at Kaffeeklatsch, just down the road from the Congress Centre, with a fine selection of home-made cakes.
The value of this alpine kaffeeklatsch is that it can tell you when ideas have reached critical mass.
In its evocation of Tupperware parties, the kaffeeklatsch, Mary Kay cosmetics saleswomen stopping by your home--all traditions that have fallen, or are falling, by the wayside--home shopping hearkens back to the past in another way: it speaks to women as they were before women's liberation.
It was a wonderful opportunity to tuck into a big piece of kaesekuchen (cheesecake) and listen to the kaffeeklatsch (gossiping while drinking coffee) around me.
A gathering, a convention, a conclave, a convocation, an assembly, a troupe of strolling players, a kaffeeklatsch, a town meeting, an overturned ant colony, an art exhibit, a college reunion, a homecoming festival, a classroom, a free lunch (but, ah, consider and credit the generosity involved here
And Stephen King describes an early Ray Bradbury story involving "an undertaker who performs hideous but curiously moral atrocities upon his 'clients'--for instance when three old biddies who loved to gossip maliciously are killed in an accident, the undertaker chops off their heads and buries these three heads together, mouth to ear, so the can enjoy a hideous kaffeeklatsch throughout eternity" (Danse, 326).
She is one of the subjects of Maia Wechsler's Sisters in Resistance, which introduces us to Jacqueline's hard-as-nails kaffeeklatsch, the near-octogenarian members of which were, as young women, active fighters against the Nazi occupation of their country.
The college and the Free Library of Philadelphia co-sponsor the series, which also features a weekly discussion group and kaffeeklatsch.