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 (kŏf′ē-klăch′, -kläch′, kô′fē-)
Variant of coffee klatch.


an informal gathering over coffee cups to chat or gossip


or kaf•fee klatsch

(ˈkɑ fiˌklɑtʃ, -ˌklætʃ, ˈkɔ-)

also coffee klatsch

a social gathering for informal conversation at which coffee is served.
[1885–90; < German; see coffee, klatsch]
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TEACHERS HAVE GATHERED for decades in living room kaffeeklatsches to share their best ideas for improving education.
Yet in kaffeeklatsches, lunch-break banter, or other chatter the consensus seems to be that where the church is concerned, the voices of caring parishioners are not really being heard to the extent they should be.
On June 18, 1996, Chearavanont and two CP Group officials attended one of the infamous White House kaffeeklatsches. The trio were accompanied to the meet-and-sip session with President Clinton by Pauline Kanchanalak, a Thai businesswoman and lobbyist, who has since pleaded guilty to making illegal contributions to the Democratic National Committee.
For example, in April and October of 1995, Fanjul attended two White House kaffeeklatsches. Shortly after each, the Democratic National Committee received $40,000 in soft money, sent in $5,000 and $10,000 chunks on the same day by several different Fanjul companies.
Chris Hansen, Boeing's point man on the merger, has attended several Clinton kaffeeklatsches, courting an administration both blind to China's blemishes and willing to push the FTC to allow companies to consolidate like the monopolies broken up at the turn of the century.
* Thomas Hendrickson ($100,000 for Clinton/Gore in 1996) heads up Triangle Environmental, a Raleigh, North Carolina, firm that specializes in environmental "remediation." During the last presidential campaign, Hendrickson was a frequent flier on Air Force One and attended several kaffeeklatsches. Commerce Secretary William Daley has appointed him to his Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee.
* Stan Shuman ($186,000 in 1996) is managing director of New York's Allen & Co., which Ken Auletta describes as "the unofficial investment- banking consigliere to many of the world's communications companies." During the '96 campaign Shuman spent a night in the Lincoln Bedroom, attended three kaffeeklatsches and was invited to several state dinners.
(c) Clinton donors invited to White House kaffeeklatsches.
Also, the head of Travelers is the modestly compensated Sanford Weill ($7,453,000 in salary and bonuses in 1997), who was prudent enough to attend several of the Clinton kaffeeklatsches in 1995 and 1996 and no doubt imparted to the Supreme Groper his hopes that marriage to Citicorp would not be blighted by pesky laws written by Depressionera bank-haters sixty-five years ago.
Yet both Burton and McIntosh have been caught engaging in practices that raise the same question as the Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers and White House kaffeeklatsches: Who gets into the rooms in Washington where decisions are made?
The Democrats hold kaffeeklatsches and intimate dinners with the President for as little as $50,000.