kaiser roll

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kai·ser roll

A large roll with a hard crust, often used for sandwiches.

[Translation of German dialectal Kaisersemmel : German Kaiser, Kaiser + German dialectal Semmel, roll.]
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Noun1.kaiser roll - rounded raised poppy-seed roll made of a square piece of dough by folding the corners in to the centerkaiser roll - rounded raised poppy-seed roll made of a square piece of dough by folding the corners in to the center
bun, roll - small rounded bread either plain or sweet
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A stacked sandwich made from roast beef soaked in gravy on a kaiser roll, it will leave diners rubbing their tummies and licking their fingers.
The bar menu will showcase Obatzter - a beer cheese with radishes and pretzel - alongside Berliner Currywurst, served with a Kaiser roll or with chips, and Bratwurst accompanied by German mustard; while the beers on offer will also include Erdinger Oktoberfest, a strong - 5.7% - hazy wheat beer with a strong malty note.
The restaurant, originally called Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck -- the latter name from a special Kaiser roll -- catered to college students.
The Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega, Hidary's 2011 collection of poetry, essays, and childhood memoirs, explores the gravitational pull of the two seemingly opposing forces that have shaped her sensibility on and off the poetry scene: the Jewish and Puerto Rican, the Kaiser roll and the bodega, salud and l'chaim, Rosh Hashanah and the Puerto Rican Day Parade, Holocaust survivors and hip-hop.
The Royal George burger debuted in July including foie gras, truffle aioli and fresh figs on a Kaiser roll. Need one say more?
James Gate sandwich ($9.50), roast beef, sauteed onions and mushrooms and havarti cheese with Worcestershire-mustard sauce on a grilled kaiser roll, was good, but not astounding.
STUPIDWICH Turkey breast, American cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and sliced tomato slapped on a kaiser roll
Lightly seasoned and grilled over an open flame, the patties are slapped on a fresh-baked kaiser roll and finished with standard issue condiments.

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