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n. pl. ka·ke·mo·nos
A Japanese scroll that displays painting or calligraphy, hung vertically on a wall.

[Japanese : kakeru, to hang + mono, object.]


n, pl -nos
(Art Terms) a Japanese paper or silk wall hanging, usually long and narrow, with a picture or inscription on it and a roller at the bottom
[C19: from Japanese, from kake hanging + mono thing]


(ˌkɑ kəˈmoʊ noʊ)

n., pl. -nos, -no.
a vertical Japanese scroll bearing text or a painting.
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Noun1.kakemono - a Japanese (paper or silk) wall hangingKakemono - a Japanese (paper or silk) wall hanging; usually narrow with a picture or writing on it and a roller at the bottom
hanging, wall hanging - decoration that is hung (as a tapestry) on a wall or over a window; "the cold castle walls were covered with hangings"
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El kakemono es una pintura que pende de una pared; la mujer retratada en el poema se inspira en otra retratada en un pergamino.
To enter any public space, be it a restaurant in Gion or a dark little cafe in the narrow streets of Shinjuku, a tiny basket or lacquer shop whose smallness is apparent as soon as you walk in the door, you have to bend over on entering and walk with your head down while contorting yourself around the shelves, all the time making sure you don't bang your head against a kakemono or knock over an entire shelf of precious ceramics, tea pots, or little sake glasses with your backpack while turning around.
Tokonoma is a type of Japanese room where artwork is displayed, while kakemono refers to scroll pictures.
Nothing in it seemed at home or at ease-from the early kakemono of a bearded sage .
Como en el rollo de un kakemono, las flores de Zanabria se despliegan, desenvueltas a nuestra vista.
A1 Un joven espanol se siente tentado en elegir entre la vida E monacal o el exotismo nipon, a causa de la extrana seduccion del "rostro perfecto de la mujer de porcelana" cuyo fantasma se le aparece al contemplar una pintura kakemono.
The services will include the following: Small office furnishings, Events (setting up displays, Kakemono, Small sound, Lighting letters, Furniture handling, .
layout and covers, kakemono banners, infographics, visual document templates;
The signage park consists of ~ all signage media including among others: bright or not caissons - steles, matte media of ~ screen, lines Kakemono - .
Quantity or scope: This Framework Agreement is to: - printing of communication tools or by an offset process (1) lot or by a digital printing process or reprographic (lot 2) - achievement of signage banner type booster, panel, kakemono, etc.
Communications media used by the ancient Bavay forum are poster / poster, pamphlet, bookmark, postcard / map com / flyer, pouch, press insertion, front cover, grille / outdoor kakemono tarpaulin, internet banner, flash animation, decal / sticker, table set, billboard exhibition, partition dressing lettering cartel / signage panel, folder / booklet, booklet / tour guide, mediation tools and newspaper Forum map.