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Noun1.kala azar - sores resulting from a tropical infection by protozoa of the genus Leishmania which are spread by sandflies
protozoal infection - any infection caused by a protozoan
Assam fever, dumdum fever, kala-azar, visceral leishmaniasis - leishmaniasis of the viscera
Aleppo boil, cutaneous leishmaniasis, Delhi boil, Old World leishmaniasis, tropical sore - leishmaniasis of the skin; characterized by ulcerative skin lesions
American leishmaniasis, leishmaniasis americana, mucocutaneous leishmaniasis, nasopharyngeal leishmaniasis, New World leishmaniasis - a form of leishmaniasis endemic in Mexico and Central American and South America; sores are limited to the skin and mucosa
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It is used to treat Kala Azar or black fever, a dangerous and often fatal form of Leishmaniasis, common among the economically underprivileged sections in states such as Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh," the statement read.
Connor, "Towards a kala azar risk map for Sudan: mapping the potential distribution of Phlebotomus orientalis using digital data of environmental variables," Tropical Medicine & International Health, vol.
Clinico-hematological characteristics in patients with kala azar, a study from north-west India.
As a result, patients were not only deprived of care, but ongoing treatment for conditions such as HIV, TB and Kala Azar was interrupted.
"The government was already working towards eliminating measles by 2015 and rubella, also known as German measles and ' Kala azar' or black fever, by 2015.
An estimated 1.3 million new cases of Kala Azar (leishmaniasis) occur annually.
MSF repond aux urgences dont les deplacements massifs de populations, les afflux de refugies, les situations nutritionnelles alarmantes et les pics epidemiques de rougeole, de paludisme, de diarrhee aqueuse aigue et de kala azar, tout en apportant des soins de sante de base et specialises.
Moussa Bashir Musa ,ministre de la sante de l'Etat a presente un rapport sur la situation sanitaire devant le Conseil des ministres ,faisant allusion au declin significatif dans la maladie de Kala Azar de (54,8%) ,faisant remarquer aussi aux efforts deplyes contre le paludisme avec l'appui des organisations volontaires .
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