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(käl′bē′) or gal·bi (gäl′-)
n. pl. kalbi or galbi
A Korean dish consisting of marinated, grilled short ribs, often served wrapped in a lettuce leaf with rice and red bean paste.

[Korean, rib, ribs, from Middle Korean kari-spjə : kari, rib + spjə́, bone.]
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At Marriott Cafe, the sumptuous spread included not just the more familiar dishes such as kimchi (pickled cabbage) and kalbi jim (beef rib stew) but also bibimbap (rice bowl with beef, seafood and vegetables), pa jeon (seafood and spring onion pancake), namul (seasoned vegetables dish) and sundubu jiigae (soft tofu stew).
Ayrica ayni hayvanin perikardi kalinlasmis ve kalbi buyumustu.
The hapu'u ferns and eucalyptus trees surround the stands, filled with lei-wearing athletes sporting 10-gallon hats and crowds chowing down on sweet kalbi short ribs.
105) "Turkiye'nin Kalbi Ankara," Hakimiyeti Milliye, 23 March 1934.
For example, roasts in the summer, upgrading trim to value-added products such as taco meat and cross merchandising to create more innovative and exciting products for the service case such as Kalbi marinated flanken style ribs and teriyaki marinated flank steaks," he says.
Sauces/Dips: Cranberry Orange Tangerine Dip Seasoning, Fiesta Mole Verde Sauce Seasoning, Korean Kalbi Dip Seasoning and Zesty Asian Orange Sauce Seasoning.
Le chef du district de la SONEDE a Menzel Temime Bechir Kalbi a affirme que ces projets vont permettre de realiser un saut qualitatif en matiere d'approvisionnement en eau potable dans la region.
Pour revenir a son enfance, Saida Fikri n'oublie jamais la ville de Casablanca ou elle est nee, son quartier de Hay Hassani, son ecole primaire dans un etablissement public comme toutes les [beaucoup moins que] filles du peuple[beaucoup plus grand que] et surtout sa premiere chanson [beaucoup moins que]Fi Kalbi Jerh Kdim[beaucoup plus grand que], une reprise du grand pionnier de la chanson marocaine moderne Abdelhadi Belkhayat .
Le public de Kolea s'est ensuite delecte des melodies andalouses et haouzies du talentueux Hamidou, qui a inaugure sa prestation par [beaucoup moins que] Ya Kalbi Kheli El Hal Ala Halou [beaucoup plus grand que] pour enchainer avec [beaucoup moins que] Haremt Naassi Ya Miret Lemlah [beaucoup plus grand que] avant d'etre rejoint par Nawel Illoul de l'ecole El Gharnatia de Kolea, dans un beau duo andalou, en interpretant des morceaux classiques connus, dont [beaucoup moins que] Ya Ochak Ezzine [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Kheliouni Maa Hobi [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] Sbabi Zinet Eddar [beaucoup plus grand que].
Those injured were Sattar Abdul, Nurhaida dela Cruz, Amlan Sali Adam, Tupay Kalbi, Floreante Agustin and Grace Manuel Flores.
Guests were also treated to freshly made Korean food, including kalbi (grilled beef), kimbab (rice rolled in dried seaweed) and kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage).
Kalbi short ribs (II Tsmiumi Kalbi are barbecued Korean short ribs, and at Tsunami, they start with the best marinade we've had outside of Koreatown in L.