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Noun1.kalumpang - large tree of Old World tropics having foul-smelling orange-red blossoms followed by red pods enclosing oil-rich seeds sometimes used as food
sterculia - any tree of the genus Sterculia
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Roxas Road near Kalumpang Barangay Hall and JP Rizal Street.
In May of the same year, another team of experts doing orientation and photo documentation on Snake Island, locally known as Kalumpang, in Honda Bay, Palawan, however, were alarmed by the massive coral bleaching in the area.
According to Sapitula, Manzano is suspected of being a drug peddler operating in the barangays of Kalumpang, San Roque, Sta.
Cipta Daya North Sulawesi Nusantara PLTM Kalumpang 12.5 Luwuk, Central PT.
Kalumpang (in Sabah) where turbidity was in excess of 200 NTUs with Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in excess of 150 mg/L.
A common refrain in the songs of ma'bua, sung by both men and women, is the following: Saruran letten lemo (literally, 'waterpipe rolling lemon'), which was explained to me as meaning: '[Our song is smooth as] flowing water, as a rolling lemon.' Rappoport, however, discovered a further meaning, namely that the image of yellow lemons is intended to evoke the idea of gold nuggets, and of panning for gold in the rivers, as Toraja used to do in the remote northerly reaches of Baruppu' and Kalumpang. The singers performing simbong hold in their hand a wooden disk shaped rather like the conical hats sometimes worn in the rice fields, with small pendant rattles of beads and coins attached, with which they gesture from side to side.