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or ka·ma'a·i·na  (kä′mä-ä-ē′nä)
n. Hawaii
A native-born or longtime resident of the Hawaiian Islands.

[Hawaiian kama'āina : kama, child + 'āina, land.]


a local person; native


(ˌkɑ məˈaɪ nə)

n., pl. -nas.
a longtime resident of Hawaii.
[1900–05; < Hawaiian kama‘āina native-born]
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Every kamaaina (local) has an opinion on the subject, from my best friend in third grade to my daughter's hula teacher to the doctor who saw my mom at the Kaiser clinic in Moanalua and whose younger sister was in my high-school graduating class at Punahou, because that's how small the islands are.
Gay & Robinson, a 152-year-old kamaaina landowner on Kauais westside, plans to build a 6-megawatt hydroelectric plant below its existing 1.
Bay View is offering introductory weekday Kamaaina rate for 2015 of $11.
This investment in our core business here in Hawaii will increase service between Maui and other Neighbor Islands by 25%, and answer a need identified by our kamaaina travelers,O said Mark Dunkerley, president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines.
Kamaaina Annual Pass holders may enjoy one free ride per night.
Lau Yee Chai presented itself as a "World Renowned Chinese Restaurant," open since 1929, where people could "See Historical Oriental Oil Paintings & Priceless Artifacts" that were "A Must for Every Visitor and Kamaaina.
I'm Just A Kamaaina Now": musical stories and transformations
In the Honolulu Advertiser, a full-page ad saluting Cartwright "as beloved kamaaina (native) and founder of baseball" affirmed the relationship between baseball, America, and Hawaii: "National Base Ball Week Is Being Celebrated by Fans all over America.
So Hawaii Business sat down with Native Hawaiian leaders to begin expanding the dialogue about the preservation of Native Hawaiian culture beyond tourism, to the entire business community, kamaaina and Mainland businesses alike.
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Residents, farmers, visitors and kamaaina return year after year to the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival to celebrate and honor the traditions and heritage that are the heart of Kona coffee.