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(ˈkæmpɒŋ; kæmˈpɒŋ)
(in Malaysia) a village
[C19: from Malay]


or cam•pong

(ˈkɑm pɔŋ, -pɒŋ, kɑmˈpɔŋ, -ˈpɒŋ)

a small village or community of houses in Malay-speaking lands.
[1835–45; < Malay]
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Noun1.kampong - a native village in Malaysiakampong - a native village in Malaysia  
village, hamlet - a settlement smaller than a town
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10) Morris remarked, of the Melanau kampongs on the Oya River in the early 1950s: "If young children say they are going to sleep with a friend, or at the house of a relative, no objection is raised .
Becaks (three-wheeled rickshaw) outnumbered automobiles in those days, and the highway quickly gave way to unpaved roads and kampongs (villages),'' he added.
OK Kalong was a conscientious, humble man; everybody in town and the surrounding kampongs knew and respected their aged leader.
If his political enemies choose to exploit fears long nurtured in the kampongs, where every family suffered some loss from communist insurrection in years gone by, Mr.
No, not by Bahrainis, but by indigenous middlemen with the glint of gold in their eye who sell Gulf countries to their fellow countrymen and women as financial nirvanas, often with false promises to nourish the hopes of poor and frequently semi-literate rural workers from the villages and kampongs.