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A long, usually white garment worn by men in Africa.



(Clothing & Fashion) a long garment, usually white, with long sleeves, worn by E African men
[C20: from Swahili]
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Noun1.kanzu - (Swahili) a long garment (usually white) with long sleeves; worn by men in East Africa
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
Swahili - the most widely spoken Bantu languages; the official language of Kenya and Tanzania and widely used as a lingua franca in east and central Africa
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Daniel Kaluuya in a traditional Kanzu from Uganda with a Burberry blazer, Christian Louboutin shoes and David Yurman jewelry.
To me, the porters' hard labour and their physical appearance--their faces covered with white dust from the cement and limestone, their clothing torn and dirty--had contrasted sharply with the appearance of the elder Swahili men, dressed in their impeccable white kanzu (a long garment), conversing on a nearby baraza (stone bench), and seemed to form a striking illustration of the social hierarchies that continued to shape life in the Swahili town.
In the January 2012 video, a light-skinned bearded man in his late 30s dressed in a flowing kanzu and wearing the rimless glasses once favoured by Trotsky, speaks fluent Kiswahili inflected with Arabic.
2) He obtained the name "Kivebulaya," meaning "the thing of Europe," when he began wearing the jacket of a British soldier with a kanzu, the long white Ganda robe.
They say we imitate Western culture hence we can forgo our tradition of wearing kanzu and kofia (Answari Etheri and Ahmed Ali Salim, personal interview, 13 September 2010, Pemba).
It was fascinating to watch men in their kanzu ( white robes) and kofia ( caps) sit around, chatting animatedly while veiled women in their flowing black bui-- bui ( cover- alls) and colorful outfits went about their business.