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A mineral, Al2Si2O5(OH)4, that is the principal constituent of kaolin.

ka′o·lin·it′ic (-lĭ-nĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) of or relating to kaolinite
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In subsoil horizons, up to 100% of solution P was adsorbed and this was attributed to the low pH, and high iron, aluminium, and kaolinitic clay content of the subsoil.
The effects of clay mineralogy are evident with the kaolinite-smectitic mining residue having a more marked decrease in RHC with increasing ionic strength compared with the kaolinitic Balkuling clays.
It is classified as Haplic Acrisol (Alumic, Hyperdystric, Clayic, Rhodic) in the WRB system (IUSS Working Group WRB 2006) or fine, kaolinitic, isohyperthermic, Typic Paleudult in the Soil Taxonomy (Soil Survey Staff 2003).
The dominant matrix types are kaolinitic, gibbsitic, and ferruginous.
Three kaolinitic, acidic Haplustoxes (Soil Survey Staff 2010) of contrasting texture (sandy, loamy and clayey), located on the top of slightly dissected interfluves of the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais, were sampled in August 2003 for this study.
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The presence of biotite particles suggests that biotite mica can survive even in kaolinitic ferruginous soils (Pal et al.
These soils are classified as belonging to the kaolinitic mineralogical classes of Ultisol, Oxisol, and Alfisol.
Reduction in hydraulic conductivity of kaolinitic soils in response to increased ESP is sensitive to pH, with acidic soils being insensitive compared with alkaline soils (Churchman et al.