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A mineral, Al2Si2O5(OH)4, that is the principal constituent of kaolin.

ka′o·lin·it′ic (-lĭ-nĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) of or relating to kaolinite
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As Edmund de Waal outlines in his book The White Road, makers in Europe in the 18th C struggled to build furnaces capable of achieving temperatures high enough to melt kaolinitic clays to a glassy state: this hindered the production of a true porcelain which could match the greenwares and blue-and-white wares being imported from China.
Soil was classified as Loamy, kaolinitic, thermic Grossarenic Kandiudults (Soil Survey Staff, 2014), with pH (ratio of 1:5 w/v) of 5.
Kaolinitic calcined clays: Factors affecting its performance as pozzolans.
The soil of the surfaces was conveniently homogenized and classified as Dark Red Latosol, eutrophic, with moderate A horizon, kaolinitic, hypoferric, with clayey texture and gently undulating relief.
The soil of the experimental area is a typical dystrophic yellow Latosol, moderate A, with loamy sandy-clayey texture, kaolinitic, hypoferric, subperennial-semideciduous rainforest transition phase, with a slope of 0-3%.
It is obtained by calcination of kaolinitic clay at a temperature between 500[degrees]C and 800[degrees]C.
Delta top soil is a silt loam soil, a member of the fine, kaolinitic, thermic typic kandiudult soils [17].
In a column experiment with a kaolinitic soil perfused with a sodic solution of sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) 20 and a low electrolyte concentration (8 mmol [L.
Adsorption behaviour of 4-nitrophenol (4-NP) on activated kaolinitic clay and Jatropha curcas activated carbon was investigated.
It is anticipated that findings from this study will contribute towards improvement in end-product quality for the South African kaolinitic clays and give impetus for development of a ceramic plant in Southwest Region, Cameroon.
The loss on ignition (LOI) of kaolinitic clays allows estimation of the kaolinite content (Searle and Grimshaw, 1959).