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A mineral, Al2Si2O5(OH)4, that is the principal constituent of kaolin.

ka′o·lin·it′ic (-lĭ-nĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) of or relating to kaolinite
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The presence of hydrous oxides of Fe and Al in kaolinitic soils may result in a net positive charge and the dominance of anion exchange in these soils at acidic environment (Ross 1989).
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As Edmund de Waal outlines in his book The White Road, makers in Europe in the 18th C struggled to build furnaces capable of achieving temperatures high enough to melt kaolinitic clays to a glassy state: this hindered the production of a true porcelain which could match the greenwares and blue-and-white wares being imported from China.
Soil at Clayton during 2011 was a combination of a Rains sandy loam (fine-loamy, siliceous, semiactive, thermic Typic Paleaquults), Varina loamy sand (fine, kaolinitic, thermic Plinthic Paleudults), a Wagram loamy sand (loamy, kaolinitic, thermic Arenic Kandiudults), and Norfolk loamy sand (fineloamy, kaolinitic, thermic Typic Kandiudults).
The soil of the surfaces was conveniently homogenized and classified as Dark Red Latosol, eutrophic, with moderate A horizon, kaolinitic, hypoferric, with clayey texture and gently undulating relief.
The soil of the experimental area is a typical dystrophic yellow Latosol, moderate A, with loamy sandy-clayey texture, kaolinitic, hypoferric, subperennial-semideciduous rainforest transition phase, with a slope of 0-3%.
It is obtained by calcination of kaolinitic clay at a temperature between 500[degrees]C and 800[degrees]C.
Delta top soil is a silt loam soil, a member of the fine, kaolinitic, thermic typic kandiudult soils [17].