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The tenth letter of the Greek alphabet. See Table at alphabet.

[Greek, of Phoenician origin; see kpp in Semitic roots.]
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(Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) the tenth letter in the Greek alphabet (Κ, κ), a consonant, transliterated as c or k
[Greek, of Semitic origin]
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(ˈkæp ə)

n., pl. -pas.
the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet (K, κ).
[< Greek káppa < Semitic; see kaph]
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In Ayurvedic medicine this is one of three doshas (the other two being pitta and vata) and resulting from the combination of the Bhutas earth and water by agni.
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Noun1.kappa - the 10th letter of the Greek alphabetkappa - the 10th letter of the Greek alphabet
Greek alphabet - the alphabet used by ancient Greeks
alphabetic character, letter of the alphabet, letter - the conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech; "his grandmother taught him his letters"
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Ang laking abala at perwisyo kappas nagkaroon ng aksidente sa EDSA - personal time tsaka sa orasng bang taong dumadaan diyan (Our motorists should be careful.
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For pathologic diagnosis of lung carcinomas, prior publications have estimated kappas for the series of evolving lung carcinoma classifications (mainly the World Health Organization [WHO] classifications of 1967, (21) 1981, (22) 1999, (23) 2004, (24) and 201525).
"Warranted that no loose cotton and/or kappas and/or cotton in fully pressed ironbound bales and/or other hazardous goods, be stored in the open within 30 feet (9m) of the said building.
The Karavalli restaurant features cuisine from diverse regions of India such as the Tamil Nadu specialty of Chettinadu vegetables in a spicy black pepper and succulent roasted coconut sauce, dishes from Kerala like an okra kappas with coriander mustard and curry leaves, or a hot vindaloo dish with a spicy Goan sauce.
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Diane Kappas, PPG vice president, protective and marine coatings, Americas, said the technology behind Kwikspar polyaspartic coatings makes them highly cost-effective solutions for steel building and structural components that require excellent corrosion resistance, weathering, and gloss and color retention.
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