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 (kä′po͞o′) Hawaii
n. pl. ka·pus
A ban or restriction, especially one associated with the traditional Hawaiian religious system; taboo.
Forbidden or restricted; taboo.

[Hawaiian, from Proto-Polynesian *tapu.]
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Matapuu's revolver, found in the box of one Kapu, was explained away by that boy as having been given to him by Lervumie.
In addition, Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy delegated three leaders to study the Manjunatha Commission report on reservations for Kapu community that encompass Kapu, Telaga, Ontari and Balija castes.
Women were regarded as inferior in the religion of kapu, and it was believed that if a woman touched a cape, she would taint its mana.
The Kapu community, with 27 per cent population in AP, has been demanding reservations for decades.
Mudragada was on fast demanding inclusion of his Kapu community in the list of backward classes and release of 20 billion rupees (Dh1.08 billion) to the Kapu welfare corporation.
Gianluca Malacrino, managing director of Kapu and Ladybird Lounge Club on Mill Lane, said: "We're delighted that the girls have chosen to work with us and we're very much looking forward to transforming the venue into a boutique for the day.
The kapu were laws that related to social class structure in the islands.
Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief Naidu said that his government had decided to provide reservations to the Kapu community without hampering the interests of backward classes.
Mudragada said that he will not end the fast till the government accepts his major demands of inclusion of Kapus in the BCs list and release of Rs20 billion (Dh1.08 billion) to the Kapu Welfare Corporation.
"It got to the point that I would put on the dishwasher to use as a white noise to block out the noise from Kapu and LadyBird."
The then AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu, who had assured the Kapu community of Backward Class (BC) reservation allocated 5 per cent of that reservation for our community.
He announced that if he and other Kapu leaders were arrested they would remain in jail and would not seek bail.