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also car·a·cul  (kăr′ə-kəl)
1. Any of a breed of Central Asian sheep having a wide tail and wool that is curled, glossy, and usually black in the young but brownish or grayish in adults.
2. The pelt of a newborn or sometimes fetal karakul lamb, used for clothing.
3. Wool from a karakul sheep, used for carpet yarn and felting. In all senses also called astrakhan.

[After Karakul, a lake of eastern Tajikistan.]
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(ˈkærəkəl) or


1. (Breeds) a breed of sheep of central Asia having coarse black, grey, or brown hair: the lambs have soft curled usually black hair
2. (Textiles) the fur prepared from these lambs
[C19: from Russian, from the name of a region in Bukhara where the sheep originated]
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or car•a•cul

(ˈkær ə kəl)

any of an Asian breed of sheep having curly fleece that is black in the young and brown or gray in the adult: raised esp. for lambskins used in the fur industry. Compare broadtail, Persian lamb.
[1850–55; after Kara Kul lake on the Pamir plateau, Tajikistan, near where the sheep were bred]
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Noun1.Karakul - hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asiakarakul - hardy coarse-haired sheep of central Asia; lambs are valued for their soft curly black fur
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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The mega event of Uchal festival was held in Rambur, Bamburet besides Anish, Broon Karakul and other small villages in Kalash valley.
The festival had kicked off earlier in the week on August 20 in Rambur, Bamburet, Anish, Broon Karakul and other small villages of the Kalash valley.
He appreciated the Kgalagadi region for preserving the karakul sheep, boer goat and other breeds when no one else did.
Botanic Garden is totally against the expansion of Karakul street because it envisages cutting about 300 trees, said director of the garden Gulaiym Donbayeva during the inspection of streets subject to reconstruction within the second phase of road reconstruction project financed by Chinese grant on March 27.
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[iD] Hatice Yildirim Sari, [iD] Beste Ozguven Oztornaci, [iD] Esra Ardahan Akgul, [iD] Atiye Karakul, [iD] Zehra Dogan, [iD] Pinar Dogan
As a result, three fields, promising for industrial gas production, were discovered on the Karakul block.
I remember Babu Mistri in his trademark karakul cap and nearly always chewing a fragrant paan.
And here is just one example: Tashkent has adopted a program for the development of leather and Karakul industries, and the market for the countries of the Central Asian region is considered the main market.
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Effects of nutritional level during late pregnancy on colostral production and blood immunoglobulin levels of Karakul ewes and their lambs.