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1. The characterization of the chromosomal complement of an individual or a species, including number, form, and size of the chromosomes.
2. A photomicrograph of chromosomes arranged according to a standard classification.
tr.v. kar·y·o·typed, kar·y·o·typ·ing, kar·y·o·types
To classify and array (the chromosome complement of an organism or a species) according to the arrangement, number, size, shape, or other characteristics of the chromosomes.

kar′y·o·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk), kar′y·o·typ′i·cal adj.
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(ˈkær i əˌtaɪ pɪŋ)

the analysis of chromosomes.
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In addition to identifying all clinically relevant variants previously detected by karyotyping and CMA, Saphyr revealed additional structural variants of research interest that were missed by these methods, including deletions of the TP53 and TET2 genes, which potentially have prognostic and therapeutic implications.
This study was planned to analyse the clinical and karyotypic profile of a section of these children and to correlate the dysmorphology with the results of karyotyping.
The reduced rate of sSMCs in postnatal cases compared to prenatal can be due to: (i) the effect of maternal age on the need for prenatal diagnosis, (4) (ii) karyotyping, as an invasive prenatal diagnosis method, is carried out in one-third of the cases with a suspected condition, and (iii) the fact that 4.4% of sSMC pregnancies end with stillbirth or spontaneous abortion.
With respect to assessing the origin of the translocation, karyotyping of the parents was performed.
Resultantly, the patients with delayed milestones, presence of ambiguous genitalia, mental problems and spontaneous miscarriages in couples are referred for karyotyping by the clinicians/ physicians.6
The recent developments in the molecular biology of this clinically, morphologically, and phenotypically heterogeneous disease lead us to a more comprehensive diagnostic approach, including conventional karyotyping, fluorescence in situ hybridization, polymerase chain reaction, and nextgeneration DNA sequencing (NGS) and enable us to predict the prognosis in these patients and develop more effective targeted treatments.
Moreover, through these modern technique and procedures, comparative genetic and cytogenetic studies can conducts karyotyping and genome evolution in members of Brassicaceae (Lysak and Koch, 2011).
Material and Methods: A total of 151 patients who reported for work-up of DSD during 2012-2015 and labeled XY on karyotyping were included in the study.
Hereby we present a case of double trisomy 48,XXX,+18 diagnosed by karyotyping of placental tissue.
Large number of studies regarding the karyotyping and gene abnormalities has enabled a clearer understanding of AML pathology during the last few decades.