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 (kə-chē′nə, kət-sē′-)
Variant of kachina.


1. (Placename) a state of N Nigeria. Capital: Katsina. Pop: 5 792 578 (2006). Area: 24 192 sq km (9341 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a city in N Nigeria, in Katsina state: a major intellectual and cultural centre of the Hausa people (16th–18th centuries). Pop: 530 000 (2005 est)
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Noun1.Katsina - a city in northern Nigeria; a major center of the Hausa people
Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria - a republic in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea; gained independence from Britain in 1960; most populous African country
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The Great Tradition of Hopi Katsina Carvers: 1880 to the Present
The attack on Wurma village in Katsina, northwest Nigeria, began around 11:30 p.m.
FLOOD has destroyed more than 300 houses in Daura and environs in Katsina State, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), reports.
Police in Katsina State have arrested a twenty-year-old kidnapper's errand boy, Aliyu Musa of Chediya village in Kankara LGA.
class="font-size--16 MsoNormalThe assailants "invaded" Kirtawa village in Katsina state late Saturday, shooting residents and stealing cows, regional police spokesman Gambo Isah said in a statement.
Le gardien Ikechukwu Ezenwa (Katsina United) est le seul a evoluer dans le championnat nigerian.
Noor Dubai Foundation, a UAE-based non-governmental charity organisation and part of the Mohamed bin Rashid Global Initiatives, has signed an agreement with the Nigerian Katsina State Government officials to launch a comprehensive eye care programme to provide sustainable preventive and curative services for the state of Katsina and its neighboring states.
Hopi Katsina Songs, edited by Sekaquaptewa along with Kenneth C.
ABUJA -- At least 20 people were confirmed dead early Thursday following a ghastly motor accident on a major highway in Nigeria's northwestern province of Katsina, an official said.
People approaching Daura were attacked and the soldiers that were coming from Katsina town to give a helping hand to the police were ambushed and shot.
Katsina State was created on 23rd September, 1987 out of the former Kaduna State.
While most of Whispering Wind's readers are likely familiar with the dances of the Plains tribes given the proliferation of the Pan-Indian Powwow that many of us participate in today, I suspect that the Pueblo Feast Day Dances and the Hopi Kachina (Katsina) Dances of the American Southwest are perhaps less well understood.