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A very light, slender, usually covered boat that has pointed ends and is propelled by a double-bladed paddle. Traditional Yupik and Inuit kayaks are made of skins stretched over a frame of wood or whalebone.
v. kay·aked, kay·ak·ing, kay·aks
To go, travel, or race in a kayak.
To go or travel on (a body of water) by kayak: kayaked rapids of the Colorado River.

[Inuit and Yupik qajaq.]

kay′ak′er n.


a person who uses a kayak
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AUTHORITIES in Ecuador have confirmed they have found a body in the search for a missing Cardiff kayaker.
A KAYAKER suffering from hypothermia was rescued off the coast of North Wales after getting into difficulty.
ACARDIFF university kayaker is still believed to be missing a week after he disappeared in Ecuador Adam Vaughan was kayaking with four others through the Ecuadorian jungle when the group lost control in flash floods on the Rio Albanico on Saturday.
AN RNLI lifesaver had to make a quick dash from the barber's chair mid-haircut to rescue a kayaker who had been thrown into the sea.
18 shows a kayaker saving the life of a stranded iguana, which he found swimming four miles off the Florida Keys archipelago.
THE sister of a kayaker who drowned in the North Sea is backing an RNLI campaign urging respect for the water.
BIRMINGHAM firefighters on a rescue course in Wales put their training to good use - by saving a female kayaker from dangerous rapids.
205 seconds) that allowed the kayaker to take the 6th position.
The 34-year-old, who grew up in the Cotswolds but has lived in Warwick for the past six years, was described as an experienced kayaker.
Sea kayaker's more deep trouble; more true stories and their lessons from Sea Kayaker magazine.
Canadian kayaker Adam van Koeverden won silver in the men's K-1 1,000-meter final at the London Games on Wednesday and teammate Mark Oldershaw followed that up with a bronze in the men's C-1 1,000-meter canoe final.
A KAYAKER died after getting into difficulties in a Snowdonia river at the weekend.