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Noun1.kbit - a unit of information equal to 1000 bits
computer memory unit - a unit for measuring computer memory
Mb, Mbit, megabit - a unit of information equal to 1000 kilobits or 10^6 (1,000,000) bits
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Services for 1 Kbit (1,024 bits) scale problems are already available, and research is ongoing to provide support of up to 8 Kbits, within fiscal 2018.
However, both PROLEC-R and DARC also correlated with PWRT, while the PROLEC-R alone correlated with the KBIT vocabulary subtest, and the DARC with both the RST and the OCT.
All the modes reportedly utilise 192 kbit audio recording.
Anxiety scores on the SCARED were 7.1 lower with TF-CBT, compared with child-centered therapy, and IQ on the KBIT was an average 11.45 points higher (where 100 is average) with TF-CBT.
According to the standard scores of the KBIT and the Post KTEA, students met or exceeded their predictive ability scores.
Simtek currently offers surface-mount and through-hole lead-free packages for its 4 Kbit through 256 Kbit nvSRAM products.
The speed of data communication from stations and the central computer at the airport is getting faster -- some years ago, the maximum speed was 1200 baud, but ISDN lines have increased this to 128 kbit/sec (1,000 baud = 1 kbit).
Under the terms of the deal, SST will provide its embedded SuperFlash technology in densities ranging from 256 Kbit to 4 Mbit to SHHIC through the relationships SST has secured with leading foundries in China, such as Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (GSMC).
SST (Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.) (Nasdaq: SSTI), Sunnyvale, Calif., has expanded its low-cost Many-Time Programmable (MTP) flash memory product family with the addition of three new MTP flash memory devices: the SST27SF020, a 2 Mbit (256K x 8) device, the SST27SF512, a 512 Kbit (64K x 8) device, and the SST27SF256, a 256 Kbit (32K x 8) device.
Stanley Marder, president of The Duck Corporation, explained, "Now CD-ROM publishers, telephone companies, and others can compress audio at the 132 kbit per second data rate and restore it without any noticeable difference to the average consumer.
* small size (up to several tens Kbit) MTP or FTP (few-times-programmable) without mask adders (4), (5).