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The female athletes' DEE ranges widely from 1904 kcal to 4958 kcal and its mean values amount to 3201 [+ or -] 533.84 kcal (WE) and 3217.4 [+ or -] 554.52 kcal (WP).
A marca 1 analisada no todo por embalagem; pode-se verificar valores elevados na composicao do produto em relacao ao valor energetico 675 kcal, gorduras totais 12g e acucares 24g, apresentando valores controversos no que diz respeito ao rotulo do mesmo por porcoes.
Earlier this year, Government watchdog Public Health England recommended that main meals should contain no more than 600 kcal each.
This study, presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) 2018 in Toronto, investigated how many breaks, and for what duration, are needed to expend 770 kilocalorie (kcal).
The average energy expenditure during the session was 296.55 kcal [+ or -] 59.03 at a mean of 3.76 [+ or -] 0.99 kcal x kg (-1) relative to gross energy (GE) per pound of weight during the 45 min session.
Takeaway coffees we looked at can stretch from having almost 0 kcal - like an Americano from Pret, to the 469 packed into a large 'massimo' mocha from Costa.
The Tesco combination is the supermarket's Smokehouse Pulled Chicken with Mesquite Style Sauce with a Monster Energy 500ml drink and Mars Duo - a meal that contains 1,004 kcal.
Kcal Group is a group of companies focusing on promoting healthy eating across the Middle East through its restaurants, corporate catering, home-delivered meal plans and retail products.
In the reaction of the CpCo[(NO.sub.)2] with ethylene, the concerted [3 + 2] addition pathway has an activation energy of 11.2 kcal [mol.sup.-1] (Figure 1) to the formation of the final product.
Data for nutrients were expressed as absolute values and quantity per 1000 kcal. General linear models were used to analyze macronutrient, micronutrient, and food group intakes, and to compare nutrient intakes and other variables between nonconsumers and consumers.
Based on the mean energy expenditure found for backward movements (17.06 kcal) this activity was classified as of high intensity, concluding that such movements call for great metabolic demand and elevated cardiovascular response.