keel over

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keel 1

1. Nautical
a. The principal structural member of a boat or ship, running along the center of the hull from bow to stern, to which the ribs are attached.
b. A projecting ridge or fin on the bottom of the hull of a boat or ship that improves directional control and is often weighted for added stability.
2. The principal structural member of an aircraft, resembling a ship's keel in shape and function.
3. A structure, such as the breastbone of a bird, that resembles a ship's keel in function or shape.
4. A pair of united petals in certain flowers, as those of many members of the pea family.
intr. & tr.v. keeled, keel·ing, keels Nautical
To capsize or cause to capsize.
Phrasal Verb:
keel over
To collapse or fall into or as if into a faint.

[Middle English kele, from Old Norse kjölr.]

keel 2

1. Nautical
a. A sail-powered barge, especially one historically used on the rivers of northern England.
b. The load capacity of this barge.
2. A British unit of weight formerly used for coal, equal to about 21.2 long tons.

[Middle English kele, from Middle Dutch kiel.]

keel 3

tr.v. keeled, keel·ing, keels Chiefly British
To make cool.

[Middle English kelen, from Old English cēlan, to cool; see gel- in Indo-European roots.]

keel over

vb (adverb)
1. to turn upside down; capsize
2. (intr) informal to collapse suddenly
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Verb1.keel over - turn over and fall; "the man had a heart attack and keeled over"
topple, tumble - fall down, as if collapsing; "The tower of the World Trade Center tumbled after the plane hit it"

keel over

1. collapse, faint, pass out, black out (informal), swoon (literary) He keeled over and fell flat on his back.
2. capsize, list, upset, founder, overturn, turn over, lean over, tip over, topple over, turn turtle The vessel keeled over towards the murky water.

keel over

To suffer temporary lack of consciousness:
يَنْقَلِب مُغمى عليهِ
falde om
detta um koll; falla í yfirliî
zložiť sa

w>keel over

vi (ship)kentern; (fig inf)umkippen; she keeled over in a faintsie klappte zusammen (inf), → sie kippte um (inf)


(kiːl) noun
the long supporting piece of a ship's frame that lies lengthwise along the bottom. The boat's keel stuck in the mud near the shore.
keel over
to fall over usually suddenly or unexpectedly eg in a faint.
be/keep on an even keel
to be, keep or remain in a calm and untroubled state.
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Alan McGerty, of Halewood sailed through with the winning name 'Keel Over' saying "I came up with Keel Over because I almost did one night after celebrating my birthday in the Albert Dock!".
Prestatyn skipper Steve Giblin confidently put Rainhill into bat after winning the toss, but the home side refused to keel over as their Pakistani professional Rae Rafique hit a defiant 54.