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Adj.1.keel-shaped - shaped in the form of the keel of a boat
formed - having or given a form or shape
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The GEO said that, looking from the side of Bishan Temple, the first thing that comes into view is the keel-shaped suspension bridge.
Keel-shaped heads, such as that of the original Upperman buck-tail jig with its lima-bean shape, sink quickly too, and move through the water upright.
Epiproct slender in the dorsal view; narrowed to the apex; dorsal sclerite mostly membranous, concaving at tip, and with a notch near apex; lateral arms slender, sclerotized, extending ventrally forming trapezoi dal sclerite near the tip; ventral sclerite forming a keel-shaped ridge, bearing many black spines ventrally (Fig.
Wind had scoured long gouges out of the bedrock, leaving the keel-shaped ridges behind.