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1. A riverboat with a keel but usually without sails, used for carrying freight.
2. A small sailboat having a fixed, weighted keel rather than a centerboard.


(Nautical Terms) a river boat with a shallow draught and a keel, used for freight and moved by towing, punting, or rowing



a roughly built, shallow freight boat having a keel to permit sailing into the wind.
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Noun1.keelboat - river boat with a shallow draught and a keel but no sails; used to carry freight; moved by rowing or punting or towing
river boat - a boat used on rivers or to ply a river
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Sail Buffalo also offers locals the chance to receive ASA certification for numerous levels of sailing, from Basic Keelboat 101 through Basic Keelboat 104.
Laser radial and fleet racing were struck out of the men's division to make way for women's laser radial and two mixed events keelboat fleet racing and keelboat match racing.
British Keelboat Academy coach Niall Myant-Best said:"For two of our sailors to have been awarded places on the first mixed double-handed offshore Olympic trial is a testament to their hard work.
Calum took the trophy in his Streaker dinghy from Rob Cordingley's Flying Fifteen Silver keelboat, crewed by Oscar Wingate, and Robert Signer (RS Quba pro dinghy).
Mumbai has international sailing standards and you can get on a keelboat in no time to explore the lengths of Arabian Sea.
After witnessing Filipino sailors make waves in keelboat racing, the FarEast 28R class will be the center of attraction in the sailing competition of the 2019 Philippine Southeast Asian Games.
Summary: Event now part of the Asian Keelboat Championship
In June 2017, the only all-female keelboat regatta in Australia--the Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta (AWKR)--celebrated its 27th year on the waters of Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron in St Kilda, Melbourne.
Seeing the president and the first lady was "right up there with walking into the opening ceremony right behind the flag-bearer," said Hugh Freund, the 28-year-old silver medalist in the keelboat sailing event in the Paralympics, People magazine ( reported.
He will compete as the skipper of a 3-person keelboat in the Sonar sailboat event a remarkable 40 years after competing in the discus in 1976.
It hosts dinghy events of national and international standard, while the facilities also cater for keelboat events, yachting regattas and other water sports activities.