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Adj.1.keen-eyed - having keen eyesight
eyed - having an eye or eyes or eyelike feature especially as specified; often used in combination; "a peacock's eyed feathers"; "red-eyed"
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Often he courses through the glistening high mountains, and often on the shouldered hills he speeds along slaying wild beasts, this keen-eyed god.
Though a tall, hard-favoured, sinewy old woman, who in her youth might have enlisted in the Foot Guards without much fear of discovery, she collapsed before the little keen-eyed crab-like old man.
He lounged along, smoking a large cigar, keen-eyed and observant, laying up for himself a store of impressions, unconsciously irritated at every step by a sense of ostracism, of being in some indefinable manner without kinship and wholly apart from this world, in which it seemed natural now that he should find some place.
Thank you for all your kindness to me this summer,' just as I would have said it to the sonsy, bustling, keen-eyed housewife I expected her to be when I came.
To save something toward the repayment of those creditors was the object toward which he was now bending all his thoughts and efforts; and under the influence of this all-compelling demand of his nature, the somewhat profuse man, who hated to be stinted or to stint any one else in his own house, was gradually metamorphosed into the keen-eyed grudger of morsels.
His keen-eyed followers noticed something else in the second photo.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 12 (ANI): Under the keen-eyed veteran batsman Rahul Dravid, India A will look forward to adapt to the Australian pitch conditions when the team will play three One-Day Internationals and three Tests against New Zealand, beginning from November 16.
GRR Martin's make-believe continent draws a lot of inspiration from the British Isles, as keen-eyed fans with an interest in history will have already noticed.
KEEN-EYED Teessiders have been enjoying a rare glimpse of the Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights.
The keen-eyed will note the 1960s-vintage Volkswagen Beetle in this 1964 picture of the factory.
Keen-eyed readers will be able to solve the mystery of the moontree which so perplexes Bob as they spot the aliens which keep popping up, despite his denial of their existence.
Keen-eyed viewers will also spot the college's founding co-directors, Martha Van Rensselaer and Flora Rose, top-left, and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, an advocate for the college's domestic studies, bottom-left.