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keen 1

adj. keen·er, keen·est
1. Having a fine, sharp cutting edge or point.
2. Having or marked by intellectual quickness and acuity. See Synonyms at sharp.
3. Acutely sensitive: a keen ear.
4. Sharp; vivid; strong: "His entire body hungered for keen sensation, something exciting" (Richard Wright).
5. Intense or bracing: a keen wind.
6. Pungent; acrid: A keen smell of skunk was left behind.
a. Ardent; enthusiastic: a keen chess player.
b. Eagerly desirous: keen on going to Europe in the spring.
8. Slang Great; splendid; fine: What a keen day!

[Middle English kene, from Old English cēne, brave.]

keen′ly adv.
keen′ness n.

keen 2

A loud wailing or lament for the dead.
intr.v. keened, keen·ing, keens
To wail in lamentation, especially for the dead. See Synonyms at cry.

[From Irish Gaelic caoineadh, from caonim, I lament, from Old Irish caínim, coínim, perhaps of Brittonic origin.]

keen′er n.
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Adv.1.keenly - in a keen and discriminating manner; "he was keenly aware of his own shortcomings"
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بِحَماس، بحِدَّه
meî ákafa


[ˈkiːnlɪ] ADV
1. (= intensely) [discuss, debate] → vivamente, intensamente; [feel] → profundamente; [look] → fijamente; [listen] → con interés
his loss was keenly felt by all who knew himtodos los que lo conocían sintieron profundamente su muerte
they're keenly aware thatson muy conscientes de que ...
it was a keenly contested gamefue un partido muy reñido
2. (= enthusiastically) → con entusiasmo
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[ˈkiːnli] adv
[contested, fought] → âprement
(= very) to be keenly aware of sth → être tout à fait conscient de qch
to be keenly interested in sth → s'intéresser beaucoup à qch, manifester un vif intérêt pour qch
I was still keenly interested in outdoor activities → Je m'intéressais encore beaucoup aux activités de plein air., Je manifestais encore un vif intérêt pour les activités de plein air.
[look] → intensément
He felt the pain in his side keenly → Il ressentit une vive douleur au côté.
the two causes about which she had felt keenly in her youth → les deux causes qui lui tenaient vivement à cœur pendant sa jeunesse
to be keenly felt [loss, absence] → se faire vivement sentir
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(= intensely, acutely) feelleidenschaftlich, tief, stark; interested, wish, desirestark, sehr, leidenschaftlich; listenaufmerksam; observescharf; I am keenly aware that …ich bin mir deutlich bewusst, dass …; the match was keenly contestedin dem Spiel wurde hart gekämpft
(= enthusiastically)mit Begeisterung; keenly awaitedmit Ungeduld erwartet
(esp Brit: = competitively) keenly priced goodsWaren plzu scharf kalkulierten Preisen
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[ˈkiːnlɪ] adv
a. (acutely) → intensamente; (deeply) → profondamente; (fiercely) → duramente
to feel sth keenly → sentire qc profondamente
he looked at her keenly → le rivolse uno sguardo penetrante
b. (enthusiastically) → con entusiasmo
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(kiːn) adjective
1. eager or enthusiastic. He is a keen golfer; I'm keen to succeed.
2. sharp. Her eyesight is as keen as ever.
3. (of wind etc) very cold and biting.
ˈkeenly adverb
ˈkeenness noun
keen on
very enthusiastic about, interested in or fond of. She's keen on sailing; She's been keen on that boy for years.
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References in classic literature ?
But besides considerations of foreign policy, the attention of Russian society was at that time keenly directed on the internal changes that were being undertaken in all the departments of government.
Sabin leaned upon his stick and watched keenly for any sign in the other's face.
"Senor Squire," said Sancho, "a man in a swoon has been known to be buried before now, in the belief that he was dead; and it struck me that Queen Maguncia ought to have swooned rather than died; because with life a great many things come right, and the princess's folly was not so great that she need feel it so keenly. If the lady had married some page of hers, or some other servant of the house, as many another has done, so I have heard say, then the mischief would have been past curing.
I cannot regret that I enjoyed him so keenly as I did; it was in a way a generous delight, and though he swayed me helplessly whatever way he thought, I do not think yet that he swayed me in any very wrong way.
"O Godfrey!" she said, with compassion in her tone, for she had immediately reflected that the dishonour must be felt still more keenly by her husband.
Already I was considered heterodox if not treasonable, and I was keenly alive to the danger of my position; nevertheless I could not at times refrain from bursting out into suspicious or half-seditious utterances, even among the highest Polygonal and Circular society.
There she felt her own inferiority very keenly. The disproportion in their fortune was nothing; it did not give her a moment's regret; but to have no family to receive and estimate him properly, nothing of respectability, of harmony, of good will to offer in return for all the worth and all the prompt welcome which met her in his brothers and sisters, was a source of as lively pain as her mind could well be sensible of under circumstances of otherwise strong felicity.
Though crying, he keenly enjoyed the sensation he was causing; he would have been glad to stay a little longer to be made much of, but felt they expected him to go, so he said that Emma was waiting for him.
If he ever felt keenly any question of money it was through the medium of another passion than the love of material property.
She looked keenly at him, occasionally, wondering if he was feeling contempt.
But all the time I wrote I was keenly aware of the craving for a drink.
He attacked it furiously on every opportunity, and human nature is such that Barbicane felt more keenly the opposition of that one man than he did the applause of all the others.