keep kosher

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1. Judaism
a. Conforming to dietary laws; ritually pure: kosher meat.
b. Observing dietary laws: a kosher household.
c. Selling or serving food prepared in accordance with dietary laws: a kosher restaurant.
2. Informal Legitimate; permissible: Is it kosher to wear jeans in the office?
tr.v. ko·shered, ko·sher·ing, ko·shers
To make proper or ritually pure.
keep kosher
To observe Jewish dietary laws.

[Yiddish kosher, from Ashkenazi Hebrew kóšer, from Hebrew kāšēr, fitting, proper, from kāšēr, to be fitting, to succeed; see kṯr in Semitic roots.]
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Continue reading "I Keep Kosher. My Parents Did, Now Don't.
Those who keep kosher and have been craving a cheeseburger should rejoice -- the Impossible Burger, a meatless patty that has made waves for how similar it tastes to real beef, is now certified kosher and pareve.
To meet the dietary needs of students who keep kosher, some schools have experts on staff to ensure religious standards are met.
5: Ivanka and Jared Kushner reportedly keep kosher - that is, they follow the dietary restrictions in the Torah, eating no shellfish or pork and keeping milk products and meat products separate.
The Rosenbachs are Jewish and keep kosher. She is Catholic and has led an isolated farm existence that left her completely unfamiliar with Jewish customs and traditions.
"Given that many of our Skokie neighbors keep kosher, it only made sense to ensure that the Mariano's in their community fit their lifestyle," Puck explains.
"The IDF will continue to keep kosher on the one hand, but will not probe a soldier's sandwich on the other.
But a long time later, my husband and I became more observant through Chabad and now we are Modern Orthodox and keep kosher.
Food, Family & Tradition: Hungarian Kosher Family Recipes and Remembrances packs in over 150 original, new recipes labeled diary, meat, or parve for readers who keep Kosher, adds color photos throughout, and include preparation methods updated for modern kitchens.
They say it's because I don't keep kosher; I say it's because they know I'm a horrible cook.
About 1.5 million American Jews, mostly followers of Orthodox Judaism and other relatively traditional expressions of the Jewish faith, "keep kosher," as the practice of adhering to the code is known.
(1.) See especially Lise Stern, How to Keep Kosher: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Jewish Dietary Laws, William Morrow (HarperCollins), 2004, but several other texts offer historical, halakhic, and practical perspectives, that is, David C.