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Verb1.keep mum - refuse to talk or stop talkingkeep mum - refuse to talk or stop talking; fall silent; "The children shut up when their father approached"
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I'd just as soon tell you who I am, though, if you'll swear to keep mum, for I ain't no Phillips, either."
"We'll keep mum, but there ain't any need to tell who you are if you ain't Jubiter Dunlap."
You keep mum. Swear you'll keep mum--swear you'll never, never tell on me.
"Well, of course me and Huck are going to keep mum there, but if you don't keep mum yourself there's going to be a little bit of a risk--it ain't much, maybe, but it's a little.
It don't make any difference WHAT happens, we got to keep mum. We'd drop down dead -- don't YOU know that?"
He was very anxious to testify his appreciation in some way, but he is so diffident he couldn't venture it himself, and so he begged me to buy some little things and give them to you and Dame Phyllis and let him pay for them with- out your ever knowing they came from him -- you know how a delicate person feels about that sort of thing -- and so I said I would, and we would keep mum. Well, his idea was, a new outfit of clothes for you both --"
Summary: Washington D.C [USA], Sept 1 (ANI): American pop-singer Selena Gomez who is known to keep mum about her future projects, shared a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her forthcoming album.
However, fears persist among members of the Keep Mum campaign group that the plans are dependent on a financial analysis and that it is expected to take another 11 months before the blueprint is implemented.
The doctor and his influential relatives have started threatening the poor laborer asking him to keep mum over the incident otherwise he will have to face dire consequences.
Keep mum. How many times have I heard the phrase, growing up.
Moreover, the present laws on enforced disappearances and captivity are ambiguous and subsequent governments too have chosen to keep mum over the subject.
'We just keep mum; we don't do anything, that's why we became the laughingstock of other countries.'