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Verb1.keep note - maintain in the forefront of one's awareness; "He kept note of the location of the soldiers"
think of, remember - keep in mind for attention or consideration; "Remember the Alamo"; "Remember to call your mother every day!"; "Think of the starving children in India!"
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My position was at Morda and the task was to keep note of each vehicle passing.
Keep note of diabetic diet for each day or for a week in advance for good result.
As per AIRDA guidelines, consumers keen on buying a timeshare must keep note of the following:
I also see whose shoes are looking a little shabby, whose coat is looking less than warm and whose legs are less steady than they were a few months ago and I keep note of who might need a wee visit or an invite to a cosy lunch over the colder months to come.
The move was apparently to keep note of tourism in the small town, but the Jewish community became wary and it began a turn from incitement to anti-Semitic violence in a matter of weeks.
"They used to keep note of the targeted car, leaving a mobile phone number asking the owner if he or she wants to sell it, but when no one called the suspects used to tow away the car," he said.
The National Association for Colitis and Crohn's Disease is seeking support for a national IBD register, as only 39% of UK hospitals keep note of these patients.
As you encounter features or other criteria you like, keep note of them for later use.
"We must keep note of how far we've travelled, and make sure we can locate the sites precisely," Liu said.
And of course we'll have the Carling referees there to ensure fair play and keep note of the scores.
LAST week's 22-1 strike with Ubak shows how important it is to keep note of eyecatching runs and use the information to your advantage.
However, to win by nigh-on 11 lengths while recording a brilliant 39.60sec augurs very well for his future and he is most definitely one to keep note of.