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Verb1.keep step - maintain the same pace; "The child cannot keep step with his big brother"
keep up - maintain a required pace or level; "He could not keep up and dropped out of the race"
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We had both the same sort of courage at our work, and John had oftener to hold us in than to urge us forward; he never had to use the whip with either of us; then our paces were much the same, and I found it very easy to keep step with her when trotting, which made it pleasant, and master always liked it when we kept step well, and so did John.
Jamie had "trained" before, and was made a colonel at once; but Pokey was the best of all, and called forth a spontaneous burst of applause from the spectators as she brought up the rear, her cocked hat all over one eye, her flag trailing over her shoulder, and her wooden sword straight up in the air; her face beaming and every curl bobbing with delight as her fat legs tottered in the vain attempt to keep step manfully.
Turn your toes out, and keep step -- confound you, keep step
With a brain working and a body working one could keep step with the crowd and never be found out for the hollow machine, lacking the essential thing, that one was conscious of being.
repeated the curate, who, about as strong as D'Artagnan with respect to Latin, carefully watched the Jesuit in order to keep step with him, and repeated his words like an echo.
He had risen from his seat, and was trying to keep step with the prince, running after him, up and down.
But if he had any taste for walking, or should wish at any time to break into a trot, he might sometimes find it a little difficult to keep step with your mother.
According to the petition, a modification would enable the company to keep step with current market practices related to retail online tracking applications.
What we have to ensure is that clinical services keep step with scientific advances to make sure the public and patients benefit.
Professor Craig Ritchie said: "What we have to ensure is that clinical services keep step with scientific advances to make sure the public and patients benefit.
We're deep into conference season, and chances are high you've found yourself sitting in a session, eagerly jotting notes, anxious to keep step with the latest trends and best practices you can take back to improve your operation.
This gives users the ability to alter their RH and temperature measurements to keep step with changes or developments in their process, with no extra costs.