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 (kĕn′pō′) or kem·po (kĕm′-)
Any of numerous forms of karate characterized by very sharp blows and kicks.

[Japanese kempō, translation (using the Japanese pronunciations of the two Chinese characters with which the word is written) of Mandarin quánfǎ (and equivalent terms in other Chinese varieties ) : quán, fist + , law, method.]
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Heat 3: 1 Flying Winner, 2 Come On Bob, 3 Has Wings, 4 Rough Quest (w), 5 Ferdia Bound (w), 6 Kenpo Star (w).
Gosforth's Mike Ilderton gained the Instructor of the Year award at the International Kenpo Karate Organisation's winter camp, the first Briton to do so.
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Manchester, CT, December 18, 2015 --( Mark Kuchta was recently awarded his 4th Degree Black Belt and received the title of Senior Instructor in the Art of Kenpo Karate.
Justin has been training in Ken Ryu Kenpo since 2006 under Kyoshi Alan D'Allessandro.
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There also will be drawings for prizes and live entertainment, including demonstrations by the Springfield Police K-9 Unit, Eastgate Kenpo Karate, Millerz-in-da-Mix hip hop dance troupe, Ballet Folklorico Infantil, and free karaoke by Caught-in-the-Act Productions.
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He is a member the Windward Sailing Club in Newport Beach, a martial artist with a second-degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, and an impressionist painter of landscapes and ocean settings.
Peter-Marion High School, recently received his First Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate from Sensei Mike Agbay of MJA Martial Arts Inc.