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(ˈkɛnˌspɛkəl) or


Scot easily seen or recognized
[C18: from dialect kenspeck, of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Norse kennispecki power of recognition; related to ken]
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(ˈkɛnˌspɛk əl)

Chiefly Scot. easily seen or recognized; conspicuous.
[1705–15; derivative (see -le) of kenspeck (< Scandinavian; compare Norwegian kjennespak quick at recognizing, literally, know-clever); see ken]
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At the meeting an illustrated talk entitled "Peter MacDougall - Kenspeckle Stirling Schoolmaster, Traveller and Author" will be delivered by society member Robert Ritchie.
Kenspeckle Northumbrian Confectionery will supply its vanilla fudge, vanilla toffee and cinder toffee coal; Northumberland Tea will supply tea bags, supported by family-friend and brand ambassador Jack Charlton OBE; and Consett-based Love Popcorn will supply is Original Salty Sweet and Fiery Salsa popcorns.
Organisers are hoping plenty of visitors will come along this weekend to browse some of the region's best quality goods such as homemade jams from JR Jams or fancy fudge from Kenspeckle.
"It is something to be encouraged and celebrated and it is not something in respect of which a Dutch auction on the back of UKIP and various other kenspeckle figures should be indulged in."
The Highland landscapes of bleak stone and leaning firs of his early short stories, poems, and plays of the 1950s feature a number of young boys--often accompanied by their kenspeckle fathers--who give voice to his yearning for the countryside.
By concentrating on some kenspeckle personalities, Marr minimises what has been central to the politics/economics of urban Scotland in the last 60 years: the building of council houses (familiarly 'schemes'), not always well built and puritanically devoid of pubs, which have ensured Labour control of every Scottish city.
Campbell was a kenspeckle figure at the Top of the Town and would regularly walk round "his" area of Stirling, meeting and greeting acquaintances all the way.
Stallholders will see the likes of Lakeland Mues lining up alongside Kenspeckle Confectionery, The Northumberland Cheese Company, The Sauce Queen, Alnwick-based The Proof of the Pudding, The Honey B Company, Proper Patisserie, run by top pastry chef Andrew Blas, and English Spirit Distillery.
New attractions include the addition of a 'food hall' with spaces taken by Northumberland Sausage Company from Wark, Trotters Family Bakers from Seahouses, Dilleys of Hexham, The Moody Baker from Barnard Castle, Kenspeckle Northumbrian Confectionary from Lynemouth, Northumberland Cheese Company from Blagdon, Deli at 4 from Hexham, Bin 21 from Morpeth, Wheelbirks from Stocksfield and The Mad Jam Woman from Amble.
And this despite a safe seat in the House of Commons for West Fife for 35 years, plus four years also as a European MP, and enjoyment of its flesh-pots, and fame as a kenspeckle figure in Parliament and in the public prints.
Among foodie names taking part are 'Mad Jam Woman' Sandy Higson, Kenspeckle Confectionery, The Northumberland Sausage Company, Earth and Fire Pizza, Memories of the Black Forest, Greenbrae Meats, the Northumberland Cheese Company, Kitty's Homemade Ginger Wine, The Fruit Kitchen and Brocksbushes Ltd.
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