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Noun1.keratinisation - organic process by which keratin is deposited in cells and the cells become horny (as in nails and hair)
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
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[30] Changes in the degree of keratinisation or the keratinisation status of ODT epithelial tissue due to chemical irritants and chronic trauma are widely reported.
This half-and-half appearance can often also occur in people with uraemia (a toxic condition resulting from kidney disease in which there is retention in the bloodstream of waste products normally excreted in the urine) and after chemotherapy discussed later as when there is defective keratinisation due to cell arrest in the nail.
Histopathological examination revealed extensive proliferation of squamous cells forming concentric layers with Keratinisation at the centre, giving the appearance of a typical epithelial pearl (Fig.
WDSCC showed abundant intercellular bridging, cytoplasmic keratinisation and keratin pearls, nuclear pleomorphism was minimal and mitotic figures were <2/hpf.
With age, a lot of changes occur within the meibomian glands including: narrowing/ plugging of the orifices; vascularity; keratinisation; appearance of telangiectasia; lid margin rounding; increased prevalence of blepharitis; and reduction in the number of glands secreting oil.
Porokeratosis is a morphologically distinct disorder of keratinisation. It is characterised clinically by hyperkeratotic papules or plaques with raised and advancing edge, which histologically corresponds to a column of parakeratotic cells.
Squamous pearls and individual cell keratinisation was also noted.
In acanthomatous type the central area of follicles often undergo squamous metaplasia with the development of intercellular bridges and keratinisation. This can be florid occasionally to the point where so much of the lesion is replaced by squamous cells that it may resemble a squamous cell carcinoma.
Entre la vitamine B3 qui accroEt la circulation du sang dans les racines, la B5 qui aide a la croissance du cheveu et la B6 indispensable au processus de keratinisation, autant dire qu'une petite cure de vitamine ne fait pas de mal aux cheveux.Envisagez de prendre des complements alimentaires, mais pour cela il est vivement conseille d'en discutez avec votre medecin avant de prendre des supplements pour prevenir la chute des cheveux.
Keratinisation was nearly complete in both the cuticle of the inner root sheath and Henle's layer.
Occasional keratinisation was seen in the malignant cells and tumor diathesis was present in the background.
* p-REFINYL[R]: an overall treatment for dilated pores which regulates the process of keratinisation limits production of sebum and redensifies the dermis