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Noun1.keratoacanthoma - skin tumor that grows rapidly (especially in older people) and resembles a carcinoma but does not spread; it usually disappears spontaneously, often leaving a scar
acanthoma, skin tumor - a neoplasm originating in the epidermis
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A biopsy was performed with the differential diagnosis of DLE, vitiligo, lupus vulgaris, hypopigmented lesions of tuberculoid leprosy, actinic keratoses, coral reef keratoacanthomas.
The differential diagnosis for PN includes dermatitis herpetiformis, scabies, lichen simplex chronicus, hypertrophic lichen planus, perforating disorders, atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, neurotic excoriations, and multiple keratoacanthomas.
Muir-Torre syndrome is an autosomal-dominant disease associated with multiple keratoacanthomas and visceral malignancies, especially genitourinary and gastrointestinal.
Subungual keratoacanthomas a very painful condition that may require extensive surgery of the distal phalanx may be associated with foreign body injuries such as steel wool particles.
Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cuSCC) and New Primary Melanoma: CuSCC including keratoacanthomas and new primary melanomas have occurred.
7) One notable association that correlates with the previously discussed case is the increased prevalence of CuSCC and keratoacanthomas (KA), an association shared with some other BRAF inhibitors.
Hamada T, Fujimoto W, Okazaki E et al: Lichen planus pemphigoides and multiple keratoacanthomas associated with colon adenocarcinoma.
Bitransgenic mice expressing both skintargeted ODC and the v-Haras oncogene developed spontaneous keratoacanthomas and SCC (9), whereas no tumors were found in the monotransgenic mice (10).
Hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC)-related tumours include colorectal, endometrial, stomach, ovarian, pancreas, bladder, ureter and renal pelvis, biliary tract, brain (usually glioblastoma as seen in Turcot syndrome), sebaceous gland adenomas and keratoacanthomas in Muir-Torre syndrome, and carcinoma of the small bowel.
Six MCPyV-positive perilesional samples had an MCPyV-positive lesional counterpart (3 basal cell carcinomas, 2 keratoacanthomas, 1 squamous cell carcinoma); 1 MCPyV-positive perilesional biopsy had a MCPyV-negative counterpart (basal cell carcinoma); and of 1 MCPyV-positive perilesional biopsy the lesional counterpart was not available.
MMP-21 was expressed in actinic keratosis, Bowen's disease, pyoderma gangrenosum, lichen planus and all keratoacanthomas studied in the keratinocytes of the upper spiny layers of epidermis.