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Noun1.keratoconus - abnormal cone-shaped protrusion of the cornea of the eyekeratoconus - abnormal cone-shaped protrusion of the cornea of the eye; can be treated by epikeratophakia
astigmatism, astigmia - (ophthalmology) impaired eyesight resulting usually from irregular conformation of the cornea; common in nearsighted people
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n. queratocono, deformidad de forma cónica de la córnea.
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Diakonis et al., "Corneal collagen cross-linking for progressive keratoconus in pediatric patients: a feasibility study," Journal of Refractive Surgery, vol.
We included young patients having keratoconus with k-readings greater than 47D and central corneal thickness more than 400 microns.
Severe AD was associated with an elevated risk of keratoconus (HR, 10.01).
Histologically, keratoconus displays many abnormal features which affect different layers of the cornea, including abnormal epithelial and stromal keratocyte shape, local thickening of the epithelium, Bowman's layer breakage, and thinning of the stroma [2, 3].
The Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA, Reichert, Depew, USA) provides data about corneal hysteresis, corneal resistance factor, and intraocular pressure and--in an additional keratoconus tool--a Keratoconus Match Index and Keratoconus Match Probabilities Index.
Keratoconus Treatment Market" Report Split Into Several Key Regions, With Sales, Revenue, And Market Share And Growth Rate.
Additionally, the launch of the company' ETM with CIRRUS provides a detailed nine-millimeter map of epithelial thickness that enables more thorough assessment of patients before refractive surgery, allows monitoring of the cornea's response to treatment as well as aids in managing patients with dry eye and progressive corneal diseases and keratoconus.
In keratoconus patients, the typically round, dome-shaped cornea progressively thins and weakens, causing the development of a cone-like bulge that produces optical irregularities that affect vision.
Waiting for advanced signs of keratoconus is no longer professionally supportable.
For example, the relationship between keratoconus and sleep apnea has been shown in previous studies.
Recently, he was also invited to be part of the tenth Expert Meeting on the 'Surgical Management of Keratoconus Patients' in Vienna.