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Noun1.keratoconus - abnormal cone-shaped protrusion of the cornea of the eyekeratoconus - abnormal cone-shaped protrusion of the cornea of the eye; can be treated by epikeratophakia
astigmatism, astigmia - (ophthalmology) impaired eyesight resulting usually from irregular conformation of the cornea; common in nearsighted people


n. queratocono, deformidad de forma cónica de la córnea.
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In the rest of the world, keratoconus, which mainly affects young people below the age of 30 years, is seen in one in 2,000 patients.
The researchers involved in the study tracked the recovery of 60 keratoconus patients for three days after corneal cross-linking surgery.
6,9,11) Tangential maps should always be used over axial maps for the detection and monitoring of keratoconus as they allow more accurate assessment of the cone location and power.
Complete report on Keratoconus market clinical trials review spread across 72 pages, talking about 9 companies, 10 institutes / government organizations and supported with 43 tables and 21 figures is now available at http://www.
The condition, keratoconus, is genetic and the 30-year-old's mum and brother are both affected.
Artist Liz Hodgkinson from Abergele who suffers from a condition called keratoconus.
Keratoconus is a condition in which the cornea bulges outward like a cone.
Keratoconus causes an exaggerated curvature of the eye, giving it a bulging conical appearance.
According to Knapp, myopia, keratoconus, allergic conjunctivitis, and retinitis pigmentosa all stem from vitamin D-calcium deficiency.
The procedure may have seemed too good to be true, as it had shown promising results in keratoconus sufferers without the setback of invasive surgeries that require a large period of time to recover--and are quite risky.
The most serious among these is keratoconus, a degenerative disorder in which structural changes wit-hin the cornea cause it to thin and change into a more conical shape from its normal gradual curve.
The sport's governing body in the UK deemed it too risky for Evans to continue due to an eye problem, known as keratoconus, which he has had since his mid-teens.