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Eye surgery in which refractive disorders are corrected by reshaping an inner layer of the cornea, formerly performed by freezing corneal layers and forming them to a new curvature, but now usually performed using a laser.

[Probably kerato- + Greek smīleusis, carving (from smīlē, knife), the irregular omission of the initial s- of smīleusis in the compound being unexplained.]


n queratomileusis f; laser-assisted in situ — (LASIK) queratomileusis in situ asistida por láser
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(11) Thus, monitoring changes in the anterior and posterior cornea is important in contact lens wearers who are candidates for keratorefractive surgery.
In animal excimer laser models, topical RGTA reduced corneal haze and promoted nerve regeneration, suggesting that it could be a useful option for the restoration of corneal microarchitecture after keratorefractive surgery [102, 107].
More studies and research is warranted in this area as central corneal thickness is an important diagnostic criterion for evaluation of the spectrum of glaucoma as well as for keratorefractive surgery.
Damian Lake, anterior segment and keratorefractive surgery specialist, covered a useful Q&A session on white corneas asking, "What is it?".
Dr Maria's research, titled 'Cyclotorsion registration before flap cut and after flap lift,' received a honourable mention by the ASCRS organisation among 358 scientific posters, 60 of them in the categA[degrees] ory of Keratorefractive surgery. Significantly, the ASCRS Symposium offered yet another platform for Dr Maria to showcase her research work on cuttingA[degrees]edge refractive eye surgery.