keratosis pilaris

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Noun1.keratosis pilaris - keratosis characterized by hard conical elevations in the openings of sebaceous glands (especially of arms and thighs)
keratosis - a skin condition marked by an overgrowth of layers of horny skin
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Skinfix is continuing to expand its presence on QVC and is tackling such tough skin issues as eczema and keratosis pilaris, reaching more than 80 million homes with its award-winning skin care products.
Although the bumps associated with keratosis pilaris can resemble goosebumps, they don't fluctuate with the temperature.
sup][2] However, in this study, no association between xerosis, keratosis pilaris and c.
Touch of Love Mini Towels: Massage these mini towels over your body to eliminate rough/dry patches, as well as bumps caused by Keratosis Pilaris.
After 10 days, I noticed a dramatic improvement to my keratosis pilaris, and three weeks on, I'm still impressed with the results.
Although this book provides answers to questions about more complex pediatric dermatologic conditions, practitioners will not find discussions of a few more common pediatric skin conditions, such as Keratosis pilaris, and therefore, may need to use other pediatric dermatology resources.
The name of this condition is keratosis pilaris (kair-uh-TOH-sis pi-LAIR-is).
Keratosis pilaris was present in 2 patients, whereas 5 of 6 siblings of another patient presented KP only'.
Doctors call this skin condition Keratosis Pilaris (kare-uh-TOSE-us pil-AIR-us).
Keratosis pilaris also tends to be associated with increased BMI, as well as with atopy and dry skin (which itself is common in morbid obesity).

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