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n. pl. ker·a·to·ses (-sēz)
Excessive growth of horny tissue of the skin.

ker′a·tot′ic (-tŏt′ĭk) adj.
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(ˌkɛrəˈtɒtɪk) or


(Medicine) of, showing, or relating to keratosis
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(25) Verrucous carcinoma is also more keratotic and firm than giant condyloma acuminatum, which has a more delicate and soft texture.
Both the lips were keratotic with lower lip almost completely involved and about 40% of upper lip involvement along with the left oral commissure.
Although, most of these white lesions can be abolished by rubbing and are termed as "Non-keratotic" whereas some of these lesions withstand their abolishment by rubbing and are referred to as "Keratotic".5 The word, "Leukoplakia" is applied to mention these hyperkeratotic white plaque or patch on the oral mucus membrane those cannot be abolished by rubbing and mostly it occurs between 4th to 7th decade of life and its prevalence is three times higher in men than women,2,5 and it commonly effects 2% of population worldwide.5
The appearance of SKs varies widely, presenting as rough and keratotic, smooth and waxy, or flat and macular.
A typical dermatologic finding is hyperpigmentation of the affected area with irregular and indistinct borders with occasional keratotic or atrophic surfaces; it has been reported in two-thirds of published cases in the literature (Fig.
Cutaneous examination of case 1 and 2 revealed well-demarcated yellowish, keratotic plaques along with diffuse thickening and fissuring of the skin of soles extending onto the dorsal surfaces (Figure 1-3).
It is characterized by facial keratotic spicules formed by trichohyalin accumulation in the inner root sheath cells of affected hair follicles.
The lesion is large annular lesion having keratotic border and central depression with some ulcerations at the dorsal aspect of the hand with elevated keratotic border, and the lesion top has a furrow through the whole course of the border.
The typical variation is represented as erythema or erosion together with white papules in its center and white keratotic striae in the periphery, sometimes with telangiectasia.
Oral manifestations of SLE are frequently encountered [13] and may include oral ulceration, honeycomb plaque, raised keratotic plaque, nonspecific erythema, purpura, petechiae, and cheilitis [14].
On the following day, we observed newly formed heliotrope rash on both upper eyelids and keratotic rash along the surface of the fingers of both hands.